False Flag Alert for Phoenix, AZ – Man organizes ‘Draw Muhammad’ contest in Phoenix

TDC Note – Didn’t we just see this same attempt at a false flag in Texas? Am I really that stupid? The boys in Langley must be running out of ideas. Let’s see, unPatriot Act is stalling in Congress, so roll out anthrax in the mail AND ANOTHER “Draw Muhammad” contest!! Really? How convenient. To the fine folks in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding area. Please, I am begging you, make signs, tell everyone you come in contact with about the possibility of a false flag operation in your fine city. Do you really want to have these idiots blowing up a building and killing people in your neighborhood so the criminals in Washington DC can shove more unConstitutional legislation down our throats? by , KPHO h/t WhatReallyHappened.com – feature image/WhatReallyHappened.com Phoenix police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation say they are aware of a man’s plans for a Muhammad cartoon drawing contest scheduled for Friday in front of a Phoenix mosque. “I let them know we’re coming to their doorstep and we’re going to be there utilizing our First Amendment; we’ll be ready to protect it with our Second Amendment,” contest organizer Jon Ritzheimer said. The cartoon drawing contest is similar to one in Garland, TX, at which two men from Phoenix tried to ambush participants, shooting a security guard before they were shot and killed by police. “I’m just a blatant, blunt, outspoken Marine,” Ritzheimer said. Ritzheimer says the Garland shooting struck a nerve. “I appreciate the (Phoenix Islamic Center) did come out and they condemned the two gunman,” Ritzheimer said. “They’ve come out and they’ve condemned ISIS.” But it’s still not enough from the Phoenix Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, where the two gunmen worshipped, he said. “People call them an extremist; to me it’s just a Muslim following their book as it’s written,” Ritzheimer said. Continue Reading>>>

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