The Politics of Deceit with Gerald Celente

Gus Demos of Perpetual Assets Interviews Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute.

Join us for a fantastic conversation with Gerald Celente from the Trends Research Institute.

Mr Celente gives us a glimpse of his past political journey, including his personal awakening experience.

The level of hypocrisy in politics is absurd. Including Obama’s fast track of the TPP, as compared to his stance when campaigning in the rust belt claiming he was going to review NAFTA. The Democrats aren’t alone in the insanity, George Bush and friends should be brought to war crime tribunals.

“Sometimes you feel like you’re part of a reality tv show” – Obama
at DNC

Did the German people really let one freak destroy their country? Did the Italian people do the same with Mussolini? Are we really going to let a few freaks destroy our country?

From false flags to inside coups Mr Celente dissects the political environment of today and the past few decades. “Any real fighter never wants to get into a fight” – GC. These political figures today are not real men.

Today everything is rigged including slap on the wrist penalties for felonies. This is a neofuedal society complete with different rules for the upper class. We can’t decipher the next economic event because the rules keep changing.

From the Ukraine setup, China boomtown, Yemen bombing and the “Royal” Family, the topics covered are many.

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