Is BRICS Nothing More Than a NWO Bait-and-Switch…?

TDC Note – I have been saying for months that the leaders of these countries are all working from the same playbook. They are actors playing a role for the plebs around the world. There are more and more people that are uncovering the evidence to prove that what I have been saying is 100% accurate. We, the citizens of the world, are of no value to the people running the show. In fact, I would say at this point we are more a nuisance than a benefit. And we all know how annoyances are handled. by Rusticus, SGTReport

The BRICS bait-and-switch is incredibly disconcerting, as gold and silver’s revaluation higher hinge upon two aspects.

The first is SDR valuation of gold and silver, which the PBOC, Fed, IMF, and BIS are all calling for. Zhou Xiaochuan, however, “wrote the book” on it:

…and Chatham House wrote a policy paper in kind, describing exactly how adding gold to the valuation of the SDR would work:

The plan in a nutshell: 1) Add gold to the valuation of the SDR. 2) Revalue gold (and likely silver) MUCH higher. 3) Quickly set up new nationally and transnationally “SDR-backed” currencies around the globe, and as the Chatham House paper indicates, allow PMs to be exchanged for SDRs but not the other way ’round.

[Ed. Note: In my recent conversation with James Corbett I asked him if the BRICS, AIIB and SGE spelled doom for the Rockefeller-Rothschild banking cartel. His reply? “Unfortunately, no.” Check it out:]

This isn’t an isolated conclusion, either. Many policy papers from the Anglo-American Establishment have been written about this very topic since that original outline was published:

I say this is “disconcerting” largely because the image of our future outlined by the globalists themselves stands in stark contrast to the one proposed by most “alternative” media articles.

There will be economic strife, but no complete breakdown of social order, at least not for long. We won’t be left without a functioning currency long enough to be allowed to establish a true barter economy, and those who had the foresight to protect their wealth ahead of time will have the proverbial carrot dangled before their nose. Most will take it. An exit from this rigged game will ALWAYS depend on individuals taking History into their own hands; seeming historical opportunities for us to do so, in the past and now, are deliberately manufactured to bring about new forms of Control.

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