Corrosive, Yet Exploding with Opportunity

Corrosive, Yet Exploding with Opportunity by Rory, The Daily Coin

If Greece leaves the EU, the Euro and becomes a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and a member of the BRICS Bank, that would be very positive for Greece and the Grecians. It would be terrible for the EU, the Euro and the U.S.. The Western systems, Europe and the U.S., would implode from the weight of derivatives exploding for months or years. The daisy chain of financial weapons of mass destruction would decimate the entire system.

The question becomes this, how does this benefit the new economic powers in the East? We Westerners only see the implosion and closed zombie banks littering the landscape. The Eastern powers, along with their criminal Western banking scum, see something completely different. These people are seeing growth, an expanding economy and new resources to exploit. So, how do we change our view and get on board with Greece leaving the EU, the Euro and imploding these nasty, corrosive derivatives that are killing our economy and allowing a handful of people to extract wealth on an unprecedented scale? We change our thinking and expand our vision. We need to see things from the end instead of from where we currently stand.

There are opportunities that we, that are not part of the “club”, need to start seeking and searching out. We can be part of the change instead of being swept away by the changing tide. Time to get busy.

The Russian’s, and by default the Chinese, did not ask the Greeks to join the BRICS because of their love for the Greek people. This gesture was born out of an opportunity. The Russian’s want a naval port in Greece and the Chinese want to run the New Silk Road rail line through Greece. The Western talking-heads want us to believe that Greece leaving the EU and the Euro would just be devastating to the Greek people. I say it would be devastating to the Western banking interests and no one else. These parasites running these zombie banks want to paint the picture in a way that creates sympathy for themselves and paints a picture of fear for you. The banking scum are the ones that should be fearful.

Why a Greek default would be disastrous for Greece and the rest of the worldBold talk about Greece being able to rebound after a default forget one thing: a default would pulverize the Greek banking sector, and what is dead cannot stand up let alone rebound.

Greek interior minister Nikos Voutsis told a TV program on Sunday that Greece will not have the $1.8 billion it is due to repay to the International Monetary Fund next month unless it strikes a deal with international creditors over further rescue funding. ‘This money will not be given,’ he said. ‘It does not exist.’

Christopher Pissarides, Regius professor of economics at the London School of Economics, says that a Greek default would be ‘disastrous’…

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