Walmart’s Home Office Admits Jade Helm Ties, Texas Store’s Containers Double As Prison Cells

from DAHBOO777 While All News Pipeline continues to receive photographs from readers across the country of strange happenings at Wal Marts and military convoys, the 1st video below from videographer HighImpactFlix should finally silence the govt agents and trolls attempting to debunk ties between Jade Helm 15, the US Military and Wal Marts across the country as an employee from Wal Marts home office makes the eye-opening admission himself about Wal Marts ties to the US military and the US military’s ability to use Wal Mart stores across the country if they so desire. If you only have time to listen to a short portion of this video, begin at the 3 minute 7 second mark for the admission that should finally silence the trolls; if you have time to listen to the entire video, listen to how the tone of this guys voice changes when asked about Jade Helm 15 from earlier in the conversation. This one should be a game changer. Much more below videos including new pictures sent to ANP by a reader in Texas showing what could be a ‘prison cell’ and more shipping containers at a still-open Walmart in Texas.

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