These investments should do well no matter what happens in the global economy

from Sovereign Man Do you remember all the great economic forecasts that ever came out of the Fed? I don’t either. My favorite one was when 9 months before the Great Recession kicked off, the Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke, remarked: “The Federal Reserve is currently not forecasting a recession.” We all know of course what happened next. These people have a horrible track record. This is not a dig at anyone personally, it’s just simply a fact of how the system works. So yesterday (October 2014) the Fed, under Chairwoman Janet Yellen, announced that they’re bullish on the economy. That the economy is doing well, so they’re going to stop their asset purchase program a.k.a. Quantitative Easing. First of all, QE should never have happened. It was the single worst policy decision for the US dollar. The Fed expanded its balance sheet by more than a factor of five using QE in only a few years. What effect has it really had? The whole world is starting to ditch the dollar, banks have been recording record profits, US and worldwide debt has surged to astronomical figures, and asset prices across the board have reached record highs. Everything, from house prices, stocks, bond prices and collectibles is simultaneously at all time highs. This is NOT normal. It has enormously benefited those at the very top. Yet for the average people it has largely been destructive by ruining the purchasing power of their dollars.

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