The Gold Chronicles: May 18 , 2015 Interview with Jim Rickards

by Jim Rickards, Physical Gold Fund Jim Rickards, Gold Chronicles May 18th, 2015 *War on Cash *Cashless society sets world up for negative interest rates *Herding people into banks and digital wealth *Daily limits on cash withdrawals *Impose negative interest rates on deposits *Potential freeze on bank accounts in the event of emergency *Trans-pacific Partnership (TPP) and currency manipulation *Currency Wars – not all currencies can be weak at the same time, they take turns *If you are at a poker table with four or five people and you don’t know who the sucker is, you are the sucker, this applies to currency devaluation as well *Spike in German gold purchasing *Gold in Euro has skyrocketed, it is perfectly sensible *Europe already has negative interest rates *Add in geo-political risk, gold makes a lot of sense *It is almost impossible for the Fed to raise rates without a bloodbath in markets *As people discover the Fed can’t raise rates, it should be good for gold *Peak gold *Jim’s view on best economics schools to attend *Proper gold allocation in a portfolio *Can Central Banks perpetually hold up stock markets by continual money printing *ZIRP is taking money out of the pocket of savers and giving it to big banks *The Fed is in effect forcing people into the stock market if you want returns *There will come a time when the magnitude of the crisis will be bigger than Central Banks can create liquidity for AUDIO INTERVIEW HERE>>>

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