TDC Note – Maybe Dave Hodges has been right all along about the Russians being in the United States working in ways that even Mr. Hodges hadn’t brought to light. Anything is possible in the world of 2015. Isn’t it interesting that the states cited below are the exact same states that JADE Helm 15 is going live. Coincidence? No such thing. from Freedom Fighter 2127 US GOV KILLED THE WACO BIKERS OVER RUSSIAN INVASION FEARS?! A new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that the Obama regimes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) deliberately massacred at least 9 innocent motorcycle enthusiasts on 17 May over fears that one of the clubs participating in a yearly rally in Waco, Texas, could possibly be linked to the Night Wolves. Described by some in the propaganda Western press as “Putin’s Hells Angels”, this report explains, the Night Wolves were, in fact, one of the first organized groups that battled against the Soviet communist regime in the 1980’s leading to the fall of that brutal regime, and who have since have taken an interest in the political and social life of Russia, engaging in youth social issues while forging close links to the Kremlin and establishing a friendship with Putin. They also aided the protection of Ukraine from the US installed Nazi government by patrolling the streets of Crimea with unmarked soldiers sent from Russia, fought for the rebels and are deeply involved with the Russian Orthodox Church. Led by the deeply religious Alexander Zaldostanov [aka “The Surgeon” because of his medical skills], this report continues, the 5,000 member Night Wolves also have the dubious distinction of being the only motorcycle club in history to have been sanctioned by the US government forbidding them from traveling to or having/making business with anyone in America. The Obama regimes fears regarding the Night Wolves leading to the 17 May Waco Massacre, this report says, centered around a small and mysterious motorcycle club known as the Cossacks that began in the early 1990’s in the Caucasus Mountains region of the Federation and had just one World War II-era 1942 Harley-Davidson. Since the 1990’s, SVR intelligence analysts in this report note, little has been known or reported about the Cossacks Motorcycle Club in the Federation other than “certain members” known to have immigrated to the United States where they revived their organization. Once these “certain members” of the Cossacks Motorcycle Club immigrated to the United States, this report says, there appears to be little information about them with even Wikipedia failing to note their presence/existence in either their Lists of Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs or List of Motorcycle Clubs. UPDATE—>>> WACO KILLING Russia Issues Travel Warning To Russians US seeking to kill or kidnap

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