26 States Ask Judge to Babysit Obama Administration to Stop Lawlessness

by Steven Ahle, Red Statements Twenty six states led by Ken Paxton, representing Texas are asking Federal Judge Andrew Hanen to babysit the Obama administration to make sure there are no further violations of the law and to make sure, they pull all the three year work permits they handed out in violation of said law. They are also asking Judge Hanen to fine the lawyers working for Obama that misled the court on Obamnesty. A total of 110,000 work permits were handed out to illegal aliens in violation of Judge Hanen’s injunction. The lawyers say it was an accident. It reminds me of the movie Bulletproof, starring Adam Sandler and Damon Wayans. Damon Wayans had taken a wicked Obama in the toilet then handcuffed Sandler to the toilet. The smell was really bad and Wayans said, “Sorry, it was an accident.” The Obama administration crapped on the court and said it was an accident. Obama-Lies In 2012, Obama started issuing two year work permits to illegal aliens. When he tried to expand the program in 2014 with 3 year work permits, twenty six states sued to stop that unconstitutional act. Judge Hanen issued an injunction against Obama’s work permits and since then the judge was told by Obama’s lawyers twice that they had “accidentally” violated his order. Paxton used those violations to make a point to the judge that the amnesty plan is so large not even the administration knows what is being done. He requests that Judge hanen appoint someone to oversee all work permits handed out by Obama and to make sure the 3 year permits be returned to the government. Paxton says it is no longer possible to take Obama’s word for it (When was it ever wise to take Obama’s word?) and that they must now produce monthly evidence that they are now following the court orders: “It would be prudent to institute some mechanism to oversee defendants’ ongoing compliance.” U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez has said that he is now taking back the three year permits and replacing them with two permits which were not affected by the injunction. However, he refuses to say how many have now been switched.

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