The Shift, Death, and Other Minor Inconveniences

by Pablo Stemann, ZenGardner When we think of death… most of us will project ourselves forward, to that inevitable juncture in time when our journey in this realm supposedly ends… Well, that’s what our five senses tell us anyway, and we trust our five senses… Well, we shouldn’t. When our loved ones “die”, we farewell them goodbye, we experience a loss, we never see them again, we lose contact, and for all we know, they’re gone forever, and the same fate awaits us, at any turn of the road… but again here, our conditioned mind and our five senses are failing us miserably. We’re seeing but a tiny speck of the bigger picture. One way of getting around this “death as a termination event”, is trying the other option, which is just as obvious, and just as inevitable: where, or what were we before manifesting in this realm? Where did we come from? Buddhists will tell you that for each individual human soul entering the wheel of Samsara, there is a grand Cycle of 3,000 turns around it, each turn comprised of 108 lifetimes… as a human being. That is 324,000 lifetimes… just like the one you’re having now… And where were we before entering the wheel of Samsara? And before that..? And before that..? It’s the grand paradox of TIME, the great trickster…. It is, and it isn’t… it’s bendable, it’s flexible… it’s totally unreliable… but hey… it’s real. I don’t like the word “illusion”. Nothing is illusory…. Everything is real… Even illusion is real… Sometimes illusion is the only real thing there is..! Time is real, and the “eternal here and now” is also real…. And so is our timeless existence … The late Stuart Wilde once said : “We are much older than the universe itself”. To what we could add: as fractals of the original Godhead, we ARE the genuine article man…! Or, as the great occultist of the 19th century Eliphas Levi put it : “The will of the self-realized man IS the will of God”… Not to be taken lightly… let us not confuse this with arrogance on Levi’s part. I AM THAT I AM… All pervading, all encompassing, all permeating timeless Godhead exhaling LIFE… …And what is a self-realized man? A self-realized man is an individual who has integrated in him/her, and is in full control of, all its energetic bodies – that is – Physical, etheric, astral, mental and causal energetic vehicles working at unison with its will. That’s the all-powerful totality of ourselves… as fractals of Godhead, that’s what we are. It’s what has been referred to as: “Christ-consciousness”, and/or “Buddha nature” and is equivalent to saying : Freedom at last..! This has been yelled out at all times and places, but time and time again, we have settled for the petty stuff…. Stubborn old fools…. It’s totally irrelevant whether there ever was a historic Christ or a historic Siddhartha Gautama… the message and clues are coming to us all continually from our own higher selves…. and it’s up to us, to pay attention, or continue to be fascinated by the “petty stuff”… “Spirit never comes down to fetch you. Spirit doesn’t wander around saying: anybody here wants to get realized? Anybody here wants to transcend? IT is not whistling in the market place trying to drum up business… IT sits there passively and waits for you to come and get it. So you have to reach up and say: I want to go beyond where I find myself now, because if I don’t, I’ll bore myself stupid..! But you gotta WANT TO… that’s the critical move…” Stuart Wilde I thought I would include here this bit of “trivia” concerning Gaia and the consciousness shift, that will hopefully shed some light into our “worried” minds. “All vibratory frequencies of a planet are the frequencies that the very soul of the planet can manifest. The problem with Earth right now is that it cannot support alone the intermediate frequency that links the two sets of frequencies that resulted from the 2012 split. This is because Earth is going through a period of so-called “convalescence”, a transitory phase from one existential condition to a higher one. That is why to further assist the process of linking the two main frequencies, highly evolved ETs (Sirians) are assisting and supporting this transition. This intermediate frequency is a frequency of the etheric level but it is superior to the consciousness of the reptilians. The reptilians have attempted to take control over the much important intermediary frequency as they have previously tried with other etheric frequencies. Their attempts have completely failed as the Sirians drove them away every time. The space conflict broke out around that frequency of Earth’s etheric plane. The reason for the reptilians desperate attack was not to gain control over our planet, nor was it connected to mankind’s spiritual transformation. In fact, they fought to gain supremacy over the etheric plane surrounding Earth, they fought for the control of that particular and very important etheric frequency….and lost.” So, you got hemorrhoids … go and ask the reptilians how they feel about their situation…. Here’s the whole documentary…highly recommended. I realise this may upset a lot of brave souls out there that have taken the whole weight of the universe upon their weary shoulders, and are decisively wielding their swords against the oppressing tyrants that have enslaved human kind for so long. Let me tell you, – in case you haven’t realised already – that this is no longer necessary… The complete removal of the parasitic force will come as a by-product of the REAL revolution that is taking place, and is now nearing completion. A complete upgrade in vibratory frequency will reset and relocate everybody and everything where they belong… according to resonance. The 2012 split is absolutely real. There is now at least two… maybe many more Earths, ready to receive and nurture all creatures great and small, resonating in each particular frequency. And make no mistake, our concurrence IS required… but not in terms of “putting up a fight”… at least not externally. The fight must be directed INWARDS…. There… where we KNOW we are lacking… As Wilde says : “Spirit never comes down to fetch you” we must wholeheartedly long for it! This is where sentences like “Love your enemies” and “Blessed are the meek for they will inherit the Earth” start to make sense… We have dwelt for far too long away from Godhead… and had one hell of a ride…. and IT is calling us back… IT misses us… wants to give us a great big hug and tell us that IT loves us very much..! Now now…. I’ll leave it here… I’m getting all sentimental…. Love to all Pablo.

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