The International Gold Train gen home is getting longer: Austria Holtheim State Gold

TDC Note – Below is an article our friend in Germany, Peter Boehringer, the Architect, Director of the German Gold Repatriation movement, sent to me at 2:25pm Central May 22, 2015. Below is a Google Translation of his original German language article. It had already become apparent a few months, now it’s done: The public pressure, given the appalling conditions during storage of the Austrian State Golds (date storage to 80% in London, 20% in Switzerland, to 0% in Austria) is to grown up, as was that for decades by the OeNB categorically excluded repatriation to Vienna will be delayed even longer. Only in December 2014 in ” Austria approaches the Goldheimholung “and then again in February 2015, I had asked for and forecasting the foreseeable repatriation of Austrian gold:” unspeakable conditions in the Austrian National Gold “. From: “Although the OeNB at the depository in England rd. Outsourced 82% of its physical gold holdings, were missing in the agreement with the depository explicit regulations on the standards of inspection and weighing of gold at admission, the type of custody and property rights. [Sic] … I also expect in felix Austria in the coming years with the state gold, movement ‘. In the true sense of the word and gene Vienna home! Anything else would be given the conditions outlined here a permanent scandal. But in Austria Goldheimholung unfortunately is a marathon, not a sprint. This run is continued (there) … ” The OeNB now so must initially 50% of their gold home pick – which in London remain only 30%. See message below in Handelsblatt *) with reference to the Kronen-Zeitung. The stated there “new gold strategy” of the OeNB was as then decided 2012/13 with Deutsche Bundesbank exclusively by public pressure (reported on 16.01.2013 – not as the “crown” writes only “end of 2013”). 50% would, incidentally, 140 tons – the crown newspaper writes of “short 110 tons”. Anyway, we now have another copycat state of Bundesbank-Heimholungs-precedent since 2013; and of course that is important – confirmed and established it but the now three-year international trend! ❗ Even the lies of the Bundesbank are 1: 1 and verbatim by the OeNB: “Therefore, it makes sense, in some cases continue to hold the precious metal where it could be sold if necessary (London).” XX ( This myth or bubbling I admit in the book “Get our gold home” in chapter V.1.1 “We must be able to deal with it in the event of a crisis.” Thoroughly. Small excerpt from the book: “This mantra way repeated since 2013 logic ‘the Bundesbank ignores any theoretical money knowledge and varied historic Money Crisis Experience: Precisely and explicitly in a global crisis with extreme turbulence on the currency markets’ will the Bundesbank have their gold abroad? She wants to change just the only physical assets position without (in the crisis ubiquitous) third party risks against paper money that want exactly then probably get rid of the middle of this turmoil, all other ?! Why in God’s name is in such a crisis situation, the ultimate monetary gold against if and highly endangered want to exchange paper money currency whose value is ultimately based only on trust, which can evaporate very quickly during the crisis as opposed to gold and will have like hundreds of paper money crises in world history proved? This logic is understandable in any way, rather, ahistorical and absurd! In such a situation would be the way if necessary gold easily tradable in Frankfurt [or Wien] – historical contingencies such as trading venues in New York or London are interested then no one “. Conclusion: The Heimholungszug rolls on. In my new book “Holtheim our gold” the whole main Chapter IV deals with foreign imitators of movements imposed by the German public local Heimholungs-precedent. Austria is thereby treated in Chapter IV.6 – inter alia the prediction of today now completed step OeNB Chapter IV includes a world exclusive and detailed presentation of international Heimholungsbewegungen in more than 15 countries Buy the book here, for example:.! http: // www / exec / obidos / ASIN / 3898799158 / ban-21 . Details, Contents and prominent voices to the book here:

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