Planetary Mystery: Eerie Trumpet Sounds from the Sky Heard All over the World

TDC Note – I spoke with a neighbor about this situation several months ago. He is minister at a local church and wanted to get his take, from a Biblical perspective. He, basically, told me that I was crazy and to stop worrying about things being reported on the internet. Oh well, so much for listening to what God might have to say about all this–since it is reported in the Bible that this phenomenon would be part of the End of Days scenario. by Melissa Dykes, The Daily Sheeple


What have been described as eerie loud trumpet noises coming from the sky have been witnessed all over the world, and no one really knows for sure what they are or why they are happening.

Via New York Post:

A number of people have filmed the bizarre sound over the past 10 years with the latest coming from Germany.

In the clip, shot last month, a young child can be seen frozen with fear after the strange sound boomed from the sky.

The incident above in Germany is just one more strange noise occurrence to be caught on tape. There are many more videos like this all over the globe, from Texas to Canada to Australia and beyond, as seen in the small smattering of examples below.

Some people call it sinister, evil. One man from Montana complained he has had vivid, awful nightmares since he witnessed it with his daughter.

The questions remain. What are these sounds? Where do they come from? What do they mean?

At one point, scientists tried to say these strange sounds which people have been reporting from all across the globe were actually coming from the ocean.

Not trying to point out the obvious here scientists, but the ocean has been here for a long time now… If the sound really was just a byproduct of ocean waves, why would people only start hearing and widely reporting on this phenomenon in just the last couple years?

In fact, a lot of the other theories can be shot down on the same principle. Whatever is causing the sound, it would have to be something recently introduced into our environment.

A bevy of other theories have been posited, everything from construction to underground tunnels to hollow Earth to top secret military projects to religious phenomenon to aliens to geophysical background noise, the last theory posited by NASA.

“If humans had radio antennas instead of ears, we would hear a remarkable symphony of strange noises coming from our own planet,” a NASA spokesperson told Tech Times.

Maybe the inundation of electromagnetic frequency everywhere via cell phone towers and new tech is making people more sensitive to sounds they wouldn’t normally have been able to pick up on? Is that possible?

In the meantime, it’s still a mystery, one that continues to be documented the world over.

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