Financial System Collapse, War With Russia And China, Or Both?

by Ken Jorgustin, Modern Survival Blog

Everywhere you read lately (in the alternative news media, the financial blogosphere, and alt-news & preparedness blogs) it seems that there has been an incredible ratcheting up of economic doom in our near future. So many people have a ‘feeling’ (and are vocalizing) that something ‘bad’ is about to happen… anywhere from the next several weeks, to this summer, to September (the Shemitah?). Do you feel it? (seriously, do you? let us know…)

Just look at some of the recent headlines the past few days:

Economy Is Unsustainable – Dramatic Shifts Ahead, “The economy cannot grow exponentially indefinitely in a finite world” (Chris Martenson)

“This is HOW People Will Lose EVERYTHING…” “This is going to be an overnight or over the weekend type of event” (Bill Holter)

“Bank Accounts will be frozen; spontaneous collapse coming,” “The next financial collapse will resemble nothing in history…” (Jim Rickards)

I suppose that if someone is not following alternative sources of information and only relying upon ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or FOX (e.g. the alphabet channels) for their so called ‘news’, then that someone will very likely have no inkling at all regarding what’s really happening (the many untold truths) or the underlying currents that are steering us in directions of uncharted waters…

On the other hand if someone has been doing their due-diligence and investigating beyond the mainstream propaganda, there is a range of ‘horror’ when one lifts the rocks and looks underneath…

For example, June is evidently a very pivotal month. Greece now says it will run out of money on June 5th. Bill Holter (and others) point out that tiny Greece is important for several reasons. The first and most obvious, they are the ‘hair trigger’ for the derivatives market. Should they default, a cascade of failures will immediately follow. A Greek default cannot be classified as such because the Western financial system will as a result, crash and burn. So, what will they do? It’s apparently coming to a final head, soon…

Additionally, in June, the sanctions on Russia are due to end. That said, apparently the U.S. is about to deploy missile systems in Ukraine. Russia has consistently warned about arming western Ukraine and placing firepower on Russia’s borders. Ukrainian National Security Service Secretary Oleksander Turchynov just said “If US missile defense systems are deployed in Ukraine, that would require Russia to take responsive measures…” It is seemingly clear the ‘the West’ has been on a pathway in the desire to start a war. There has been pressure in Syria and the Ukraine but so far it hasn’t worked. Holter says that “from the standpoint of the U.S., it is my opinion that a war is “necessary” to point at and blame for the financial collapse surely coming because in no way can “policy” be blamed.” Celente famously says “When all else fails, they take you to war”. The thing is, this war is going to be World War.

Just this week, China has sternly warned the U.S. regarding the disputed islands in the South Sea, and while having narrowly averted a near spark incident last week, just yesterday the Chinese navy issued warnings eight times as a U.S. surveillance plane swooped over islands that Beijing is using to extend its zone of influence. Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell was subsequently quoted as saying that “the confrontation indicates there is “absolutely” a risk of the U.S. and China going to war sometime in the future.”

China and Russia are entirely aware of the weakened position of ‘the West’ (the U.S.), as time is running out before the inevitable financial collapse. And as Bill Holter astutely points out, “…and they know a wounded animal often strikes in desperation.”

In case you haven’t been paying attention, China and Russia have made alliance (the AIIB, an alternative clearing system to the West’s SWIFT, currency hubs all over the world, and other mutually beneficial agreements without ‘the West’). Russia just announced this week that China has amassed an incredible 30,000 tons of gold. And whatever the real amount, China is apparently going to announce it soon. Whether the number is 10,000, 30,000, or somewhere in between it is MORE than the U.S. “claims” to have. This will reverberate throughout the world…if it happens…and the financial system of the West will be ‘badly’ affected as a result. And that’s putting it quite mildly.

Is a financial collapse of the international monetary system rapidly approaching?

Are you an optimist who feels that there’s nothing to worry about and that confidence in the dollar will never be broken? Even despite the astronomical national debt and dysfunctional government?

Or are you realizing that the risks have become too big to ignore as China, Russia, ‘the East’ are apparently doing everything possible to end the dollar hegemony?

What will be the result? We are certainly and currently in a sort of ‘financial warfare’. There are big players at the table as the chess pieces are moved one by one. Are the economic powers of the world about to shift? Will this result in financial chaos, deflation, inflation, or complete collapse here in the West?

The stakes are high and it feels like we’re close to some sort of ‘change’. Just saying…

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