White House Limits Military Weaponry for Police, Sets the Stage for Future Event

from DAHBOO777 Police in the United States won’t be able to get a wide range of military grade equipment, including tanks and high-caliber firearms, from other federal agencies. The White House has introduced new restrictions prompted by the riots in Ferguson. Under the new rules revealed on Monday this week, state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies are barred from buying or receiving from federal partners such as the Pentagon. This includes: weaponized vehicles and grenade launchers, and less-lethal items such as tactical vehicles, flash-bang explosives. Riot gear can now only be acquired by law enforcers if a list of conditions are met. What most people are missing st this point, is the Bigger Picture! Its True, None of us want to see Military Equipment being used on Americans. But why would such a tyrannical establishment make such a move? Is it really to help better relations between the people? Or is it setting the stage for a defenseless america down the Road against a NWO/UN Troop War Machine! This Goes beyond what we are seeing now in the streets. Obama taking away the Apache Helicopters from Our National Guard is Another Sure sign he stripping down the firepower! Now is this to scale back on the use of military equipment used on people, Or is it deceptively setting the stage for leaving us ALL Without a defense against a Foreign Invasion by Design! I believe they see the awakening happening now, In Mass! And because of it, they are now making their moves. Knowing Our troops and cops will not serve their Ultimate Goal Once the $H!t Hits the Fan! This is where they will bring UN troops or Military Police to Back up Their Federalized Police Units!

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