Pandemonium in Markets: Is Stagflation Rearing Its Ugly Head?

from Money Metals Coming up we’ll hear from Dan Norcini… Trader Dan… to get his take on the exciting market action this week. Dan talks about a potential sea change in the markets and also hints at the possibility of stagflation developing. And he anticipates some interesting action in gold and silver from a technical perspective. Don’t miss my exclusive interview with Dan Norcini coming up shortly… Well it was a big week for the gold market. And an even bigger one for silver. The precious metals rallied strongly on disappointing retail sales data and a weakening dollar. Concerns that the economy isn’t rebounding from its first quarter slump sent the U.S. Dollar Index down for the fifth straight week to its lowest level since January. Investors now perceive the Federal Reserve is likely to hold off on raising rates until the economic numbers improve. AUDIO INTERVIEW HERE>>>

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