Correspondence: How do the market riggers rationalize what they do?

TDC Note – Please consider supporting GATA, financially, to help further the causes of liberty, free markets and an end to totalitarian rule. by Chris Powell, GATA Dear GATA: I just listened to GATA Secretary/Treasurer Chris Powell’s interview with Dave Kranzler and Rory Hall on last week’s “Shadow of Truth” program — — in which, at the end, Powell gave reasons for what GATA is doing: free markets, democracy, and transparency in central banking, rather than just making money on a currency reset. I must admit that I would like to make some money with my gold and silver but agree with those higher reasons. My question: Why are the guys on the other side so evil and how do they rationalize what they are doing? And are there people who are just as powerful as “the boyz” who can fix this mess? Have we just lost our way? Do we care anymore? I care and so does GATA, so thanks for all you do. — T.W. * * * Dear T.W.: Thanks for your kind note. GATA’s people also are hoping to make some money as a result of doing the right thing, though of course lately it has not been very successful. As for the people on the other side, it would be odd if they were consciously evil. Maybe they sincerely believe that countries and the entire world should be ruled by a secret and unaccountable elite. Since they are the elite, it may be easier for them to believe this, and, after all, with so much social disintegration around us, democracy isn’t as persuasive as it once was. I’m sure that for the people at the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department it’s also their conception of patriotism, though I think they confuse it with imperialism. If we as Americans are true to our national principles, those principles will be enough for us to lead the world and we won’t need currency market rigging, which corrupts us as badly as it oppresses others. Who has the power to set things right? I think the great mass of the people always has the power. See the reflection by Orwell’s Winston Smith in “1984” at the beginning of the chapter here: But more likely things will be set right, or at least set in a different direction, as the result of strife among almost equally unattractive governments. Weak as we in the middle are, we may be able to exploit this division. In any case we do what we can and will press on in the morning. Thanks again for your support. CHRIS POWELL, Secretary/Treasurer Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.

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