Chinese Premier to announce infra financing for Brazil

TDC Note – Time for some “love bombs” or “missiles of democracy” to dropped on Brazil. from The BRICS Post Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will hold talks with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia on Tuesday. Brazil will use Li’s visit to press Beijing to provide cash infusion to overhaul its dilapidated roads, railways, airports and ports ahead of the Olympics. Reaching the capital Brasilia on Monday , Li said wishes to conduct in-depth exchanges of views with Brazilian leaders on “cooperation in production capacity, equipment manufacturing, infrastructure construction, and trade and investment”. Brazilian officials announced last week that Beijing will invest $50 billion in Brazilian infrastructure projects. He will also discuss “BRICS cooperation, climate change and international financial cooperation and China-Latin America relations, in order to safeguard and promote the common interest of emerging-market economies and developing countries” according to Chinese news agency Xinhua. Rousseff and Li will also attend a televised ground-breaking ceremony for the ultra-high voltage electricity transmission project in the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam. Li will also meet with Brazilian parliamentary leaders and attend the closing ceremony of a bilateral business summit. He will then head to Rio De Janeiro and visit Chinese equipment manufacturing exhibitions. The Chinese premier will also visit Colombia, Peru and Chile on the South American tour.

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