UPDATED 5/15 – National Guard, JADE Helm and my City

by Rory, The Daily Coin UPDATE – 11:00am Central May 15 – Spoke with Public Relations officer, Randy Harris, at the Tennessee National Guard HQ in Nashville to find out any information the Guard would be willing to share. The flights are in preparation for 1-230th Air Cavalry Squadron to relocate from Smyrna to Nashville and for the pilots to train on the flight paths to and from the airport. The flight paths are completely different from normal airport traffic and the goal is for each of the approximately 50 pilots to traverse these new paths enough to be comfortable. When I ask about JADE Helm and the 118th Airwing or 1-230th Air Cavalry Squadron participating he abruptly said no. It was obvious from the tone in his voice he did not wish to speak about JADE Helm 15 and when I ask if any of the TN National Guard would be deployed he, once again, abruptly answered no. So, I made a joke about the TN National Guard not playing well with others, we both laughed and that was that. I ask about what appeared to be a microwave weapon that I had seen on the property approximately a week ago, and Mr. Harris explained that I was mistaken that, to his knowledge, it was probably a telecommunications unit that utilizes a similar “dish”. The dish for an “active denial weapon” (ADW) (basically a microwave oven that doesn’t kill you, just fries you!!) and mobile satellite communications do look very similar, with some distinct differences. The biggest difference is the ADW has a square dish and the communications dish is round. The dish on this vehicle was square. Once again, I am not saying it was or was not, just recalling the best I can since I, like an idiot, didn’t take a photo of the vehicle. I will continue pursuing this issue and continue to watch the watchmen. We already know the military has misrepresented, on several occasions, what is happening with JADE Helm 15. I am not saying that Mr. Harris is misrepresenting anything. We all have to continually do our part to stay ahead of the curve and not just accept the answer we are given. The Daily Coin was founded because of my curiosity and desire to help others and that is what I plan on doing with this issue. Stay tuned as there will be more forthcoming. All further updates will be in a new post and this post will no longer be updated. 12:25pm Central 5/15/2015 UPDATE – 9:30am Central May 15Tennessee Army National Guard Aircraft Arrive at Joint Base Berry Field May 12, 2015 – The first UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters belonging to the Tennessee Army National Guard touched down on April 17, 2015 at Joint Base Berry Field in Nashville, Tenn. The helicopters are part of the 1/230th Air Cavalry Squadron currently headquartered at the Army Aviation Support Facility in Smyrna, Tenn. The Tennessee National Guard base at Berry Field could soon be home to between 34 and 38 Black Hawk helicopters. UPDATE 1:45pm Central – I just did a drive by of the 118th Airlift Wing located at Berry Field. I also reviewed their website in an attempt to find out about the exercises described below. What I found on the 118th’s website is their mission statement. The 118th Wing serves to provide a dominant force in intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and support missions. We endeavor to protect our national interests at home and abroad as the only ANG location that combines remotely piloted aircraft, intelligence, and cyber operations under one Wing. What I did not find is any information regarding the exercises that are described below. I also shot a little video and that reveals, at least 5 helicopters all with a red cross symbol. The video below will be updated (May 15) with this new footage. One of the primary missions for the 118th is to fly the MQ9 Reaper drone, which will easily carry two Hellfire missiles. Here is the fact sheet Click for clarity reaper drone fact sheet war reaper drone war Beginning on or about May 1, 2015 the National Guard Air Patrol at the Nashville Airport began a series of exercises. The Guard has been flying helicopters over the city of Nashville on a daily basis. The sheer volume, at times, has been remarkable. On Saturday May 9 helicopters flew in a steady stream between the airport location and a National Guard post located several miles away. The helicopters, mostly one-at-a-time, but a few were doubled-up, followed basically the same path for approximately 10 hours. I have lived in the same home for almost 10 years. I have lived in Nashville 95% of my life. There has never been, that I can recall, nor any of my Nashville native neighbors recall, the sheer volume of helicopters flying over head. This is unprecedented. My wife and I became uncomfortable after about six hours of these flights taking place and decided to drive-by the National Guard post. We saw the helipad had it’s landing lights turned on but no other activity. Not a single person to be seen at this location. Is this part of JADE Helm 15 “exercises”? At this point I am not sure, however, it is very odd for this to be happening at this time, wouldn’t you agree?

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