There Is Nothing as Powerful as a Changed Mind

by The Purpose Fairy, ZenGardner “There is NOTHING as powerful as a changed mind. You can change your hair, your clothing, your address, your spouse, your friends, but if you don’t change your mind, the same experience will perpetuate itself over and over again because everything outwardly changed but nothing inwardly changed.” ~ Bishop TD Jakes There was a time when I would spend a lot of energy trying to change the outside world, thinking that by doing so I was going to feel happier and my life was going to get a lot better. Because I honestly thought that I couldn’t be happy unless the outside circumstances were different, I would try very hard to change everything and everyone. But after a while, because I realized I was going nowhere with that approach, I stopped trying to change the world and I began changing myself instead. ‘Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~ Rumi I started changing my mind, my thoughts, my beliefs and my ideas about who I was and about how life was meant to function. And in time I realized that by doing so, not only did I start feeling a lot more relaxed and happier about myself and my life, but life seemed to get easier and easier. And I no longer felt the need to change the outside world. Why? Because I finally understood that the world is nothing but a projection of who we ourselves are. And that if we change our thoughts, our beliefs, our attitudes and our perceptions, the world around us will change as well. It’s magic 🙂 Continue Reading>>>

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