Must See – Chilling Surveillance Video Captures Woman Stopping Home Invasion

TDC Note – 2nd Amendment, anyone. Anyone? from The Daily Sheeple In his YouTube description of the video, Mr. Coatzee described the footage: This is edited footage – My girlfriend asked the guy to identify himself – she shouted “Craven?” – this all happened off camera – as there is no sound, it is pointless to show this – the field of view to the left is quite a bit. The guy then moved towards her – this is also off camera as the doorway is on quite a large landing. Eastern Cape police spokesperson Alwin Lebans said the woman, 39, had been woken up shortly after 3:00 am on Tuesday by noises in the home. She grabbed her gun and went to investigate, reports News24. “She was in the passageway and the men were coming towards her. She ordered them to stop, but they kept coming forward so two shots were fired in their direction,” he said. The men escaped through a window. Lebans said they stole the woman’s purse, which contained an undisclosed amount of cash and her bank cards. No one was injured in the incident and no arrests have been made yet.

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