The Rise of UK Fascism (aka David Cameron)

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada A number of previous commentaries have noted the rising tide of Western fascism, as reflected almost exclusively through the actions of governing parties. At first; such overt fascism was centered almost exclusively in the U.S.: “the Patriot Act”, “Homeland Security”, “the War on Terror”, etc. Translate those phrases into German, and it would be almost impossible to avoid the compulsion for a Nazi salute, and a hearty “Seig Heil!” However, this fascism has begun rapidly spreading. Political labels are now totally meaningless. The so-called “Labour Party” of Tony Blair blithely and enthusiastically endorsed virtually all of the extremist, right-wing policies of the Bush regime, in the U.S. When the (explicitly) right-wing government of Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated by the supposedly “Socialist Party” of France; its new leader, Francois Hollande, immediately embraced hard-core, extremist positions which were even ‘to the right’ of Sarkozy himself. In Canada; American wannabe (and thus Junior Fascist) Stephen Harper is endeavouring to create Canada’s very own Gestapo, a “secret police” who will (supposedly) be on the prowl hunting for imaginary “terrorists”. But all of these other fascists outside the U.S. now appear as mere posers, in comparison to the UK’s current (but not necessarily legitimate) Prime Minister: David Cameron. Obviously, before discussing the substantive outrages which this man represents, it’s necessary to address a larger issue: is he even the legitimate Prime Minister of that nation? Here it’s important to look at this subject in broader terms. Over a span of decades; the science of representative polling has evolved considerably, to the point where media pundits happily staked their own positions (and reputations) on the published results of these scientific (and mathematically valid) polls. Then, roughly five or six years ago; a “funny thing” started happening. Apparently, many of these previously ultra-reliable polling agencies began to make “big mistakes”. Or, put into different terms; we started to see “enormous surprises” in elections dotting the Western map. Overnight, these very same polling agencies, using the same techniques, and polling the same populations went from being highly reliable to highly inconsistent. Most of the time; results continue to fall within (mathematical) margins of error, except for these “extreme anomalies”, where the final results were (at the very least) drastically different, if not entirely opposite to what was mathematically predicted by the pollsters. There are only a very limited number of possibilities here. 1) Doing exactly the same polling, in exactly the same way; these polling institutions now are starting to produce extremely large anomalies, in a statistically significant number of elections, meaning that some scientific/structural flaw in this process has now (suddenly) surfaced – after remaining totally invisible and undetected for decades. 2) The “world itself” has now (supposedly) changed in some fundamental way, meaning that now (suddenly) either the politicians, the subject matter of elections, or voters themselves have changed in some fundamental way. 3) Electoral fraud. Dealing with these possibilities, in order; most readers would likely dismiss (1) as a possibility, especially those with any math or science in their own background. Simply, mathematics-based pursuits rarely (if ever) suddenly begin to produce extreme anomalies (after originally being reliable), unless either the mathematical model or the data itself has been corrupted. Continue Reading>>>

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