The Economy Hit A Wall This Spring

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics

If you don’t own gold, you know neither history nor economics.  – Ray Dalio, Bridgewater Associates, in a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations

No Virginia, there is no economic recovery and the narrative that bad weather caused weak economic activity last winter and this winter is nothing but a fantastic fairytale of epic proportions. Once again, Wall Street reached into your pocket and took as much money as they can. You’ll understand when the stock markets catches “down” to reality and you are stuck with that home you wanted to flip…

I got an interesting email from a source of mine in Denver last night:

Dave, Something is definitely wrong. I’m getting reports in from all my automotive sources that point to a grinding halt…Suppliers say business is WAY off and sporadic feast or famine is everywhere. Repair shop businesses are closing at accelerating rates and behind on debt. The car lots are jammed with unsold cars. Sixth Ave [auto sales] usually sells a ton of used cars at its BIG SPRING SALE and they only sold 10. TEN! They specially move hundreds of cars to it. And almost no sales this year.

All I get delivering anything to me now is retired people and guys with college degrees. And so on and so on…I have also noticed a big increase in, how do I put it, not so desirable people [he means people standing at street corners by stop-lights on busy avenues asking for money. I’m seeing a huge influx of that myself lately all around Denver and even in the suburbs].

Also, I am turning away FAR more customers now that bought cars they can’t afford. Repair shop lots are filling up with cars customers can’t pickup. My wife works for the County and their requests for [financial] aid has doubled and budgets from the State have been cut.

Dave,  something is definitely wrong. I can feel it.

That was a spooky email to get last night.  Especially since my friend’s observations are being confirmed by most non-Government-generated economic reports.  Here’s come graphs:



This first graph shows wholesaler sales to retailers.  You can see there was literal cliff dive in demand from retailers starting in late 2014.  This is about the time that both John Embry and I independently felt like something was collapsing behind “the scenes.”  It’s also when the financial media seriously ramped up its anti-gold disinformation campaign.

If consumers aren’t buying non-discretionary items and are cutting back on necessities, you get a chart that looks like the top graph.

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