Tensions Mount with Iran, China and Russia, Obama Trade War with Democrats, Dollar Down

by Greg Hunter, USA Watchdog China is telling the U.S. to back off in the South China Sea, even though it is building islands for military bases there. China believes the South China Sea belongs to them, but many other countries, including America, say it’s always been international waters. You can add this to the perfect storm of troubles the U.S. is facing, and this time, it is with our largest creditor. The U.S. Navy is sending ships there but is not flying over the territory, at least not yet. So far, nothing has happened, but you can add this to the many problem spots in the world. Meanwhile, Secretary of State John Kerry met with Vladimir Putin in Russia, which is one of China’s newest allies and business partners. Kerry reportedly discussed a variety of topics such as enforcing a meaningful ceasefire in Ukraine, but no deal was reached. My question is why has this taken so long, and why the urgency to send Kerry to make nice with the Russians after all the sanctions, threats and nasty words? Russia has been probing U.S. and NATO air space, and the U.S. has been beefing up troops and equipment in Eastern Europe. Is this going to turn into a real peace deal or is this the calm before the storm? Iran is threatening ships in the Persian Gulf again. The latest incident involved a Singapore-flagged tanker that the Iranian Navy fired warning shots at to try to steer it to their port. The tanker allegedly damaged an Iranian oil platform a while back. A U.S. spokesman claims Iran is using force to settle monetary and legal disputes. The U.S. Navy was escorting ships through the Persian Gulf, and there is no word on whether it will start doing that again. This is not a sign that things are settling down in the Middle East, and if Iran really thought it was going to get a nuke deal, would it be escalating tensions? I have predicted there will be no deal to curtail Iran’s nuclear program. By the way, a few top leaders in Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries dissed the President at his summit in Camp David that was supposed to allay fears of his nuke deal with Iran. Arabs (Sunnis) are distrustful of Iran’s (Shia) intentions and its military actions around the Middle East. Continue Reading>>>

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