TFMR Podcast – Thursday, May 14

TDC Note – If you have not had the opportunity to listen to one of TF’s Podcast that are normally subscription, you need to take full advantage of this free offering. If you are new or have an interest in how the markets work, in relation to all the manipulation, TF has a very good track record of working within these manipulated markets. His technical analysis works in conjunction with the manipulation and he and several of the Turdites make a descent living from it. So, he must know a little something about is going on from the other side of the curtain. by Turd Ferguson, TFMetals Report

Friday is potentially a very significant day in determining the short and intermediate term direction of the price of paper precious metal. To that end, and in the spirit of Kumbaya and goodwill, I thought I’d make this podcast a public thread for all to listen.

For today, just a discussion of these seven charts. These two of the POSX:

These two showing today’s action in gold:

Next, these daily charts for gold and silver:

And, lastly, the HUI:

Be ready for a very interesting day on Friday.



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