New World

by freefall, ZenGardner I have absolutely no doubt that we are heading towards a New World Order. But it’s up to us what this will be. We can continue to play the same tired game of ruling over each other or we can have the courage to rule ourselves and work together “for the common good” (that line has nothing to do with what it currently means–embracing our enslavement). Let’s look how the vertical hierarchy of our times has played out until now. The average job is a nightmare in which each person has more control over the lives of those below them in the food chain than they do themselves. That role has been relegated to those above them. We work for worthless paper not backed by anything. Since each dollar printed is nothing more than an interest bearing note, there can never be enough money to pay off the next dollar printed. This leaves us with those that will always be broken by debt while the thieves who print the currency and their minions who become the faces seen on our television screens create policies on how best to continue their theft of the rest of us. Those in uniform are then put into place in order to protect the money masters and their political puppets from the masses once we finally understand what’s really going on. This is done on a global level in the guise of wars as well as within our own countries. In the meanwhile, they dupe us into turning upon each other as if we are responsible for the wretchedness of our manipulated lives. Violence against one another is their safety valve needed to justify the Police State. But their sick game is now reaching its ultimate conclusion. We will either allow ourselves to be eradicated by a few megalomaniacs or we will turn this around and create our own New World Order. This New World (without the hierarchical order) will eventually consist of no boundaries between countries, no monetary system whatsoever, no religion (only spirituality connected to the universal inner laws of truth) or any of the other institutions put into place to teach indoctrinated conformity to our servitude. But above and beyond all of that, no one will be allowed to rule over another whether it be by force or manipulation. Forms of punishment used for those who violate this one simple law could range from ostracization to banishment depending upon the severity of someone’s transgression against another. We need no politicians or leaders of any kind. If this were to ever occur, the tyrant would soon be revealed to all as they could no longer hide behind the trappings of government or the rest of our institutions, whether it be a Pope, a president or a “Royal family” charlatan. They would then be seen as exactly what they are: A thug and/or someone who employs other thugs for pay to enforce obedience. Reasons to commit atrocities disappear quickly without a ruling class or any incentives to serve them. But who would build our roads, some would ask? The same people that have always done so along with the rest of us pitching in. It would be that way for everything. We would naturally defer to someone else’s expertise in a particular endeavor but without the groveling of making them our authority. Of course, deadbeats need not apply. While each person’s skills could be freely taught to another, some work must be done by each of us or this isn’t going to work. Otherwise, we’ll once again create another parasitical class of those who would live off the backs of others. We certainly wouldn’t have as much work to do eventually as technology would no longer make it necessary. But then again, I don’t want to be living “In the Year 2525” either. In order for this to occur, our motivation needs to change from material to spiritual. This means helping each other instead of exploiting each other for material gain. Instead of using our technology to enslave others, we could then use it to create a planet in which areas now uninhabitable could receive the natural resources necessary to sustain our lives. So much for the over-population hogwash. If our hearts are in the right place, we will know intuitively what to co-create as compared to what to leave completely to the Source of creation (say good-bye to geoengineering). There would be no more need to weaponize the resources of our planet. Consider this to be a vague outline of what this world could be. As humanity continues to grow in spirit due to living in a way in which helping each other becomes the highest ideal, the Source would freely reveal the mysteries of creation that could bring about Nirvana. Don’t you get it? Everything that is good is always freely given! We just have to be open to the infinite possibilities that will no longer be limited by the fear-based mind. It’s beyond our current level of consciousness at this time to fully understand the possibilities that exist apart from this hellish world we now occupy due to following the dictates of the most malevolent creatures that are currently in control. All I know is that a New World devoid of any external authority is the place I want to live in. If you think all this is “Pie in the sky,” consider how long it’s taken the enemy to reach the level of technology and control of humanity to finally be on the verge of attempting their end game? There must be something innately good in us that would thwart their overall objective for millennia. Our natural state is love. No amount of lies and control systems are going to change that.

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