6.8M earthquake strikes Northeast Japan Coast — Hits NORTH of expected area!

from dutchsinse This event in Japan was expected to occur, as we talked about in the Japan forecast from yesterday May 11, 2015, the signs of draining lava in Hawaii, and the swarm along the Izu trench were forewarnings of a coming larger earthquake in Japan. I was expecting (and forecasting) the area just SOUTH of the swarm location, and the area just NORTH of the swarm location to be hit with a mid-range 6.0M earthquake. Now the area just NORTH of the swarm location is hit with a 6.8 magnitude on May 12, 2015. I’d like to be able to nail down the warning locations to a 50-100 mile stretch …. right now more at about 200-500 miles. Still good to get a country, timeframe, and magnitude correct — it would be 100% “perfect” if I could get the actual time down to a 2 day warning, and the location down to 100 miles. If I was doing this more than just on my spare time when not working my “real life” job, then maybe this could be developed into a new science for researchers to study and use. This method of earthquake forecasting is repeatable for sure, as I’ve shown in the videos — if you pay attention to adjacent area movement, and pay attention to the SILENT areas which should be showing movement next to the heavily moving areas… and if you factor in the Asthenosphere earthquakes (deep events), you can come up with a warning location, time frame, and expected magnitude. No magic wand waving, and NOT thrown darts at a board. Anyone using these above listed methods can begin to forecast for a smaller country size location (like Japan or taiwan size) across the world. I stand by my findings, and challenge anyone skeptical to repeat the method themselves over the course of 3 months. It will take you about 2-3 months of watching to observe and pick up the pattern of progression. You will come to see what I’ve already shown over the past FOUR YEARS…. that earthquakes progress from region to region , one large event leading to the other. All large events caused by deep events elsewhere nearby. Large shallow events caused by smaller deeper events.. usually to the NW of the deep event, the larger event occurs. You will also find a connection between different Global regions, where one plate moves another entire plate.. as with the North American craton being displaced by the Pacific plate from the Northwest United States. You will come to find that indeed a location (down to a few hundred miles), a time frame (less than 7 days), and a magnitude (usually down to a few points difference) can be determined. Much like a 7 day weather forecast for a region the size of Japan. In a weather forecast, the forecasters might call for a hurricane landfall in South Japan , but then a minor change in things causes the hurricane to hit Central Japan instead. The forecasting method is considered “good” even in this instance. The forecasting for earthquakes can be likened to a hurricane forecast in other ways, you can see the “pressure” building in the ocean when a tropical low forms.. you can “project” where the low will travel in 7 days time. The same can be said for seismic pressure. You can see the seismic pressure build days beforehand, and then forecast the area where the pressure will release. The earthquake pressure shows as deep earthquakes, and large shallow earthquakes, also with volcanic eruptions. These “point” towards the areas to be on watch. Better for South Japan to be on full alert, and have Northeast Japan get hit, than to have NO ONE on watch, and pretend that earthquakes can’t be forecast.

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