Who Holds a D.U.M.B. Ticket?

by Randall, ZenGardner With the recent increase in military “exercise” activities like Jade Helm 15, the increased warnings of economic collapse, topped off with deteriorating Global Governance, widespread rioting, and even the approach of Planet X, the question came up: Who holds a D.U.M.B. (deep underground military bases) ticket? Continuity of Government’s (COG’s), and their support structures, must be sustained in the event that the situation top side has become one of such chaos, that the only way the controlling factions can save themselves is to go underground…..out of sight….out of mind. The bases are already there, built for a reason(s), and awaiting the arrival of the “ticket holders” to enter into safe sanctuaries, stay alive with modern conveniences, and make plans for their reemergence. They can’t stay down there forever…can they? Who decides who is worthy to preserve this continuity? Will it include religious icons, among a probable list of necessary powers to rebuild the topographical prison after the fires have gone out and waters have receded? If this scenario seems likely, should we be vigilant in looking for unscheduled vacations, indefinite sabbaticals, or disappearances of key figureheads? It would make sense to be on the lookout for such activities as a precursor of the exalted exodus, and look behind the veil of flat-screen media with pre-scripted explanations as to say….secret meetings. The planetary situation for the inhabitants is becoming worse every day. The power factions know it, and seem unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Those who do hold a ticket, may have bought a one way trip through the proverbial trap door in the canoe. We will know “they” are down there, and as the saying goes….”when opportunity knocks.”

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