Book Review: A. American’s Survivalist Series

by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper

Looking for a good series to read this summer? I’m here to hook you up!

I really love a good prepping/survival story and sometimes a good one can be tough to come by. There are those excellent classic survival books like One Second After and Alas Babylon that pretty much spoil you for lesser prepper fiction.

Now, I can give an absolutely resounding recommendation.  You’ve got to read The Survivalist Series by A. American.




This is a series that makes you wish Amazon had a rating higher than 5 stars.

I am a total bookworm, so I’ll read pretty much anything I can get my hands on and find some enjoyment. But my recommendation for these books is unqualified – I absolutely loved everything about them.  Not only did I enjoy the books from an entertainment level, but the English major in me was delighted with the narrative style, character development, and smooth plot.

I picked up the first book to read on a plane during a recent trip to attend a wedding. I was very thankful to have a quiet seatmate who had his own book because from the moment I started the book, “Going Home” I couldn’t put it down. I read through flight #1, the layover, and the connecting Flight #2. And then, I was bummed because I hadn’t purchased the second book to read on the way home. While I was away, I ordered the next 3 books so they’d be waiting for me upon my return.  I’m still waiting for #5 to arrive. And by waiting, I mean I’m getting kind of hostile because it didn’t magically appear the day after I ordered it.

I should have ordered the last one at the same time, because I didn’t do so until I finished #4, and I’m still waiting for #5 to arrive. And by waiting, I mean I’m getting kind of hostile because it didn’t magically appear the day after I ordered it.

Here’s what I loved about the books:

The characters are realistic and well-developed.  Some survival genre books have one-dimensional characters and flat dialog. Not so for this series. The main characters have quirks, personalities, and natural language.  There’s a little bit of profanity, if that type of thing bothers you, but it isn’t used gratuitously for shock value. Some of the characters are crusty ex-military types who really don’t seem the type to say, “doggone it” when something blows up. I can wholeheartedly imagine that I’d let some 4 letter words slip in some of the circumstances the characters find themselves in, and the cursing seems very much in line with the characters and events.  No one in the book is a perfect paragon of virtue – they’re all human beings who make human mistakes.

The scenarios described are the ones that preppers are getting ready for.  A wide variety of situations are described in the series, and nearly every prepper will be nodding in recognition of the events occurring.  You’ve got scenarios like an EMP taking out the grid, an arduous get-home trip on foot, desperate people committing desperate acts to feed their families, the value of allies because there’s strength in numbers, the value of having supplies put back, disgruntled neighbors who didn’t prepare and believe  that the protagonist is obligated to share his preps, martial law, FEMA camps that aren’t as wonderful as they are purported to be, power hungry guards who use the times as an excuse to abuse others, being forced to bug out when your plan was to bug in…the list goes on and on.

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