The Secret Goals of Jade Helm Are Leaking out

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show


One day, we are going to awaken to the reality that our country is no more. There will be no United States, no Constitution and no civil liberties. There will only be a handful of corporations, backed by national armies, who will bring lethal force against any and all who resist. It will all happen in the blink of an eye on the day that America transforms into Amerika.


Jade Helm Leadership Kept In the Dark

I have previously reported on how my sources who have current connections to Special Operations Forces leadership, have been told by their former colleagues that the field command leadership of Jade Helm is being kept in the dark as to the full scope and true purpose of Jade Helm. I have repeatedly been told that Jade Helm is highly compartmentalized and the commanders are extremely concerned about what is coming and what the Jade Helm leadership and their men are going to be ordered to do.

Late Saturday night, I was given the summary of a three minute conversation which took place earlier that day in which some military types and their former colleagues have deduced the fact that Jade Helm is absolutely about controlling civil unrest.  During the course of the call, it was stated that the CIA has been using Kiev as a beta test, since April of 2014, in order  to best decide how to control the American people when they have finally had enough and take to the streets armed with everything from pitchforks to AR-15’s.

Coincidentally, I received the following email conversation from an individual who refused to allow me to use his name (I do know the identity) in relation to his personal Jade Helm training in Northern Michigan in which the Marine Corps Reserve trained with foreign troops in a mock American town in order to quell domestic violence. So much for the claim that Jade Helm is only designed to train for wars in the Middle East. If Jade Helm had anything to do with training in the Middle East, the drill would be conducted in “sand boxes” near Yuma, AZ., or in the California desert, but that is not what we are seeing.



I’d like to anonymously direct your attention to the recent “Arctic Eagle” drills in Michigan, which I believe were derivatives of Jade Helm. Essentially, the Marine Corps Reserve (of which I am a part), Danish homeguard, and National Guard collectively trained in the new $19 million CACTF facility (which is modeled after an American town) for a domestic threat (the National Guard’s own admission). If you’re interested I would happily recover my sources that speak to the domestic nature of the exercise.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: I have this individual’s name but I do not have his rank. However, doesn’t this communication sound very much like it came from an officer?).


amerika 2

Will American Troops Fire On American Citizens?

This is the age old question that never goes away. Will American commanders and their soldiers comply with the illegal order to fire upon American citizens, or will the powers-that-be have to resort to the use of foreign assets to carry out the needed force to bring an end to all civil unrest? The appearance of foreign troops on our soil clearly speaks to the fact that the leadership behind Jade Helm is hedging their bets.

The best way to get U.S. soldiers to carry out the use of deadly force against American forces is to issue these orders in an atmosphere surrounded by great fear and apprehension. This is precisely what we see in the following military security memo.

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