Putin: ‘Russia grateful to allies in anti-Hitler coalition’ (May 9 FULL SPEECH)

TDC Note – Notice there is a sad lack of Western “diplomates” in attendance. Also, there is almost no MSM or alternative media coverage of the celebration of the victory over a murderous, tyrannical dictator. Wonder why? For goodness sakes, even Angela Merkel is in attendance, you know, the current Chancellor of Germany!! Are you interested in this celebration? Does the victory ending Hitler’s reign of terror fall short? What historical role should this play? Should we simply sweep history under the carpet and move on, never looking back? Are the upcoming daily, weekly or quarterly statistics more important than remembering the fact that our entire world was being destroyed and a maniac was running rough-shot in some of the most important nations on the planet? Does the fact that if were not for Russian’s willingness to help end this reign of terror most of Europe would be called Germany? I understand all wars are bankers wars, I get it. That does not change the fact that millions of people died and vast areas of our planet were decimated. We should remember, we should celebrate and the fact that U.S. does not have a single representative at this celebration is very telling. Why is the U.S. not celebrating? Why is there not a grand celebration in Washington DC, right now or scheduled for sometime this year? Because the business model of the U.S. is to create and start war. Wars that have ended mean the scumbags at the Pentagon and the banking cabals have lost a huge source of income, period. No need to celebrate. from RT President Putin addressed Victory Day parade on Red Square.

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