EMF Tower Population Control Agenda Exposed

from ZenGardner EMF technologies have many functions, not the least of which is affecting human health, thought and behavior. This revealing document shows the dark underbelly of this program. Take it for what you, will but this isn’t news to anyone following the proliferation of EMF wave warfare be it towers, Wifi, smart meters, electronic equipment and appliances, and a host of other uses all in conjunction with the incessant toxification of our bodies. This is yet another good reason to relocate to less dense living areas as far from these death towers as possible, especially those with strange configurations of multiple types of transceivers which are popping up more and more, often adding them to existing towers. Keeping your body detoxed and personal conscious vibration high brings freedom and protection, but minimize your exposure in any and every way possible. Search EMF protection and mitigation on the net, there’s some terrific technologies that can help. P.S. I can’t vouch for the veracity of the cited document, but everything laid out in it correlates with other information we’ve seen over the years so take it for what you will. Most of all, don’t let it scare you or depress you or overly dwell on it as it is dark information, but our awareness is an essential part of our empowerment.

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