A Crumbling Empire – A New World Order

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics


Yes, the New World Order theorists are correct.  Only they have the wrong players in the line-up.  The picture on the left speaks for itself.  The photo on the right emphasizes this:

Russia and China Conclude several Important Agreements Today

Russian President Vladimir Putin today, May 8th, will hold talks in Moscow with President Xi Jinping. The president’s aide Yuri Ushakov told reporters that the Chinese leader is in Russia for several days on an official visit at the invitation of Putin.
The Kremlin has said the Chinese leader is in the Russian capital at the invitation of Putin. More than 40 agreements ranging from security to the economy and energy are expected to be signed by the two leaders as they are poised to boost Sino-Russian ties…In addition, Russia’s largest gold mining company “Polyus Gold” plans to sign an agreement with the Chinese gold mining corporation on a number of projects, including the Natalka deposit in the Magadan region.   LINK
My colleague Rory Hall and I will be releasing an interview on the Shadow of Truth with someone who has been living in China for many years.  He will be our “eyes and ears” on the ground in Beijing.  He’s currently working on the diaries of China’s President,  Xi JinPing.
When I asked him what his view was of the NWO theories about the U.S. and China cooperating behind the scenes to orchestrate a one world Government, he responded with an amused chuckle:  “The Chinese HATE the United States.”   By “Chinese” he was referencing Chinese leadership.

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