Karatbars Currency is Bitcoin On Steroids

from Grams Gold As currencies around the world become more volatile and devalued, alternatives to paper (fiat) money are coming alive. Bitcoin has been the cryptocurrency of choice, but is inherently dangerous, as it’s digital platform can easily fluctuate or disappear entirely. As gold has never lost its purchasing power over thousands of years, sentiment is growing to create a gold-backed currency. The following are 3 companies who have responded to that need: Hayek Dollar The gold storage company known as Anthem Vault has decided to release a new cryptocurrency that is backed by precious metals. Each “coin” will be valued at 1 gram of gold, and will be called the “Hayek,” after Austrian Economist Friedrich Hayek. “It has the added advantage of making precious metals more versatile on the global marketplace, since physical delivery is not required. But that brings up a troubling issue. It’s nice not having to take a delivery for every transaction, but it would also be comforting to know that you could take a delivery for physical gold if you wanted to. After all, is a currency truly backed by gold if you can’t have the gold?,” writes the Daily Sheeple. Karatbars International Good question. How do you know the gold is actually there? You don’t. Another company, Karatbars International, based in Stuttgart, Germany, has solved the problem of having to take physical delivery of your gold. For 4 years now, they have sold cards that contain an actual gram of gold that can be used as payment in stores called K-Exchange centers. The company has expanded into 123 countries this year. Continue Reading>>>

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