Gold and Silver Management of Perception – The Upside of Manipulation

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Silver-Coin-Investor You don’t need to know about the macro-financial machinations. It’s connected to the money – but it’s the other way around. It’s connected to fragility and overextension. The debt is all a reflection of the war on real money and wealth – by proxy the soul. The events we see unfolding, such as the coming wars and the crashes, will not ultimately be the cause because they’ve been the effect. As long as you keep them confused, disconnected, and anesthetized, the crime can continue unabated. A disenfranchisement that has been a necessary evil for the elite to get away with in the name of absolute power. Meanwhile, I can’t help but think that all of these new revelations of manipulation are scripted. Last week it was this: Why Nav Sarao Had To Be Destroyed: He Found A Way To Beat The HFTs At Their Own Game Today’s management of perception economics – with its information anesthesia – is much more sinister and pervasive. They will have us believe that this rogue trader was solely for the May 2010 S&P ‘flash crash’. This guy got taken out because he figured out a way around the system. Of course, the only way around the system is via physical delivery – metal held in your personal possession. Or this: CME Group bars two gold futures traders for allegedly spoofing This is propaganda 101. The lie big enough that it’s almost mesmerizing. The CME, seemingly out of nowhere, but clearly an attempt to head off an undesirable circumstance. It is a response to the surge in manipulation awareness, drops this bomb… It’s almost masterful and fits right into the financial mainstream narrative:

“Well. Perhaps, yes, HFT is a questionable practice – as we all know — and we, the CME – in our self-policing mode, will bring these manipulators down once and for all. Obviously, these guys were un-American — look at their names.”

Of course, the secondary message is that prices have been rigged higher. The price should be lower. It’s the bad HFT – lone gunmen – the rogue trader who has been artificially driving the price higher. See that? The mainstream was right all along. Gold and silver are relics- just commodities. Move along ‘sheaple’, nothing to see here. All your money wealth is ours now. You soul can have its bread circuses. Show the public that you are on it. The underlying message is that precious metals have been rigged upward! That’s easier for the mainstream, full of fear and hope, to fathom. Imagine the headlines as the story trickles down into the mainstream press? Nothing to see here. Move along please. But no doubt, something is coming. They are likely bracing for it. Preparing shareholders for the fallout. We’ve had a never-ending series of prominent financial market fund managers covering their butts ahead of what is now so undeniable that we risk an almost permanent separation of reality if it doesn’t come sooner or later. And yet, consensus remains far from any island of reality with a broken radar and no way to see the storm approaching. But the storm is coming – just as it always does. No matter how they try to prevent its arrival or prevent seeing it.

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