2 Days After Jade Helm 15 Starts Red Flag Exercises Live Stream Begins, Alaska Drill

from DAHBOO77 DarkSkyWatcher74 Has filmed the Red and Green flag exercises the past 3 years. This year is Unique, because the two overlap for 15 days starting on July 17th. This also is 2 days after Jade Helm 15 Begins. DarkSkyWatcher74(Paul Flores) Has invited me out, As he plans to Live Stream and Film the event. I would also do the same if i can make the trip. I will update with more info as we approach the event. The current Red Flag Drills Are goin down in Alaska. Red Flag Alaska, a two-week military training exercise out of Eielson Air Force Base, starts today and runs through May 15. Interior residents may see and hear more military aircraft in the area. Event planers try to minimize the additional noise, but ask residents with concerns to call 377-2116 or 1-800-JET-NOIS.

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