The Fed Makes Equities Go Into Cardiac Arrest – Gerald Celente

from KitcoNews Veteran trend forecaster Gerald Celente joins Kitco News one day before the release of April’s nonfarm payrolls report to share his thoughts on the U.S. economy. He says that the numbers scheduled to come out on Friday will only cause a temporary move “because here’s the real fact, you still have a labor force participation rate that is at 36-year lows, the jobs that are being created stink.” He adds that jobs actually being created in the U.S. “aren’t going to really create the economy that we need to have for growth.” Looking at equity markets, Celente says he is bearish because low interest rates are causing room for manipulation. “It’s only the low interest rates that are keeping the equity markets alive worldwide,” he says. “I’m bearish on all of the world equities because every time [the Fed] hints that rates are going to go up, the equity markets go into cardiac arrest.” Tune in now to find out why he sees gold well above $2,000/oz and why he is closely watching the situation in the Middle East.

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