Black Swan Event-Shift in Consciousness-Catherine Austin Fitts

by Greg Hunter, USAWatchdog Money manager and financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts is worried about exploding global debt. It has almost doubled since 2007, and Fitts says, “Yes, I am worried about it, and I still think the chance for collapse is relatively small, but I am very worried about the level of violence going up to deal with the tensions resulting from this. If you look at the debt, there are several things to point out. One, the debt is very high, but it is bifurcated between who is borrowing a currency they can print and people who are borrowing a currency they can’t print. That’s of great concern to us because with a global slowdown, a lot of people have borrowed in dollars, and now they got to pay it back at the same time they have to earn dollars, where it is tougher to do.” Fitts thinks that shear force is helping to hold the current broken system together. Fitts thinks all that can change suddenly and goes on to say, “Central banking warfare depends on what the warfare can enforce. Here’s where the “black swan” event comes. When we reach a tipping point of global population . . . who realizes we’re run by . . . as a practical matter, psychopaths, and there is nothing good that can come from leaving them in power. Then you are going to get a shift in consciousness. To me, that’s the wild card. What we need are markets. Markets bring out the genius. Markets can solve essentially most of the problems we are facing. For markets to work, we have to realize there is no point in going through these guys’ mechanisms. They’re nuts, and it never can come out well for us if we go through their vehicles.” Continue Reading>>>

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