A ‘Cash-Less Society’ = Bullion Confiscation

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada As the corrupt regimes of the West move slowly but inexorably toward “banning cash”; it’s very important that bullion-holders understand the full implications of the latest, fascist moves by these regimes. Simply, “banning cash” = bullion confiscation. If the Zombie-serfs of Western nations are no longer allowed to hold any of our debauched paper ‘money’, they certainly won’t be allowed to hold real money – i.e. gold or silver. However, even here there may be a means of escape, for those who plan for this (inevitable?) eventuality. Note that when the U.S. government engaged in its last wave of bullion confiscation (stealing the gold of Americans in 1933, and the silver of Americans in 1934); there was an exception to that mass-looting of all real money in the United States: “collectibles”. Gold and silver items with numismatic value were exempted from this mass bullion-theft. Now here is the interesting point, as Western governments move toward “banning cash”. Currently, both the Canadian and U.S. Mints produce both real money (i.e. legal tender gold and silver coins) and “collectible” coins: limited edition series’, which are generally also legal tender (real money). Obviously if there is any “ban on cash” then these Mints would stop producing any money, and if they continued to mint any coins at all; they would all be collectibles. The more significant point (for bullion-holders) is that these Mints would either discontinue the production of their regular, minted coins; or, they would continue to produce them as collectibles. If the Mints continue producing these coins, but call them “collectibles” instead of money, then obviously all of the same coins they produced prior to the ban-on-cash would also morph from being “money” into “collectibles”. However, if the Mints simply stopped all production of those coins altogether; these coins would then become a “limited series” (albeit a large one), and thus also collectibles. In other words; for bullion coin-holders there would seem to be no way for our corrupt governments to “ban cash” (and thus also target our bullion) without turning any/all minted coins into “collectibles”, which would almost certainly be exempt from any bullion-confiscation event. Why? Because the very-wealthy like to collect numismatic coins. In our Reverse-Robin Hood societies, where these corrupt governments relentlessly steal from the poor (and remnants of the Middle Class) to give to the rich; these traitorous regimes are not allowed to pass laws which target the wealth of the wealthy – in any form. Thus, just as in the Dirty Thirties (the last bullion confiscation); we can very likely expect any new/future confiscations of bullion to also exempt “collectibles”. Note how the One Bank is getting these puppet governments to ‘tighten the screws’ on the Little People (i.e. anyone not very rich). We’re now moving from (corrupt-and-fraudulent) “0% interest rates” to “negative interest rates” (the open theft of wealth). This alone provides an enormous incentive to pull all our wealth out of these fraud-factories. Continue Reading>>>

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