SoT – Eric Dubin: The New World Order, Economic Collapse and Jade Helm 15

by Shadow of Truth, The Daily Coin

The United States is in the business of conducting war and China and Russia are in the business of conducting business.  – Rory Hall, The Daily Coin

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the United States and the west are on the fast-track to collapse.  But where do Russia and China fit into this picture?  A lot of analysts assert that the New World Order will involve the western elitists working in cooperation with Russian and Chinese elitists and the collapse of the west has been planned all along.

I don’t think the facts speak to that thesis.  The desires of the political elites, and the neocons in particular, are pretty explicit:  these people are not interested in cooperation with Russia…  – Eric Dubin, The News Doctors

There’s merits to both side of the debate.  But if Russia and China are “joined at the hip” and the people in control of the Government in those two countries are not in bed with the United States/west, how will the relationship between Russia and China play out as economic dominance shifts from the west to the east?

A lot of alternative media analysts are expecting the U.S. economic/financial system to go off the cliff this year.  Is the housing market really “on the road to recovery” as the financial media, Wall Street and DC would have us believe?

Rory and I hosted Eric Dubin, with brief a cameo by Sean from SGT Report, to discuss and debate the New World Order, the prospects for a big collapse this year in the United States and Jade Helm 15.  Eric has done a lot of research on the factors that are about to affect the gold market and he lays out his timeframe for when he thinks an upward explosion in the price of gold will occur.

I think these kind of things will reduce the purchasing power of the dollar and put a bid in the market under gold. I think part of that cycle will start being priced into the [gold] market this summer…we will see a bid put under the gold market and it might have already started this week…in the final analysis I think we’ll have reset of the price of gold  – Eric Dubin

This is a long podcast, we recommend listening in stages.  But we think you’ll find the discussion contains a lot of new, provocative and thought-provoking material:

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