TDC Note – With social engineering in full bloom for more than 50 years now we are beginning to see the fruits of this insidious experiment. We are not equal, we have never been equal and we will never be equal. This is not to say that I am superior to anyone, I am just not the same as anyone else and neither are you. If we, as a society, are to move past the nonsense being shoved down our throats by the MSM, the so-called leadership and the dumb-downed asleep, we must begin moving in a different direction. My family started this journey several years ago and if you and your family have begun, congratulations, if you have not, maybe it’s time to review the chains of enslavement and consider moving to a different beat. from The Burning Platform And I see it exactly the opposite. Now you understand why some people think there is no fix for the current problem. My oldest son is exceptionally bright, well spoken, respectful, and on and on and on. I hear it from strangers, I’ve seen it myself his whole life long. Yesterday he came in after working a 10 hour day so filthy from his labor he looked like a coal miner. He was smiling, and he was happy about his productivity, what he’d accomplished, how he felt about himself and how he had improved the world. He won’t be going to college in the Fall with the rest of his peers because a) he doesn’t want to incur debt b) he does not possess certain racial/socio-economic traits that would provide him with a scholarship despite his grades. In some ways the bigger loss is the society at large that will never be able to capitalize on the intelligence, drive and decency of this young man because they deliberately pass him over in order to promote someone who is less qualified. On the flip side he has been earning his own income for several years now, maintains an investment portfolio and earns more than most college graduates. He has zero debt. That people like Big Stupid and the Government in general believes that an individual like my son has an obligation to people like the Baltimore drug dealer simply for the benefit of living in a society that actively works against his interests is patently absurd. I am lucky to have raised children that can see this for themselves and who do everything in their power to disengage from such a maladjusted and morally bankrupt system. Our present situation is dire on every level; economically, socially, morally. The basic premises of our political system are deeply flawed and built on demonstrable falsehoods. The expectations of the industrious and the good, the moral and the just are to continue to work for the immoral and the lazy, to give away what they’ve earned to the hypocritical and the indolent, to be law abiding in order to promote the criminal, to sweat so that others may live in leisure because “it’s a necessary consequence of living in a society”. No, it isn’t. And that’s why so many people like myself and our family, good people who are productive, responsible and intelligent have simply abandoned the system in order to preserve those parts of our dying civilization that are worth saving. We too have learned how to game the system by earning just enough to pay our way, but not enough to be compelled to contribute to the system that is actively trying to dispossess us. I expect we are not alone and just like the examples that are set by the youths in places like Baltimore, our youths are setting another kind of example. I suspect that the people who contrast the two will be ale to decide for themselves which represent the future they will choose to move towards. I try and stay as far away from race issues on the Internet these days as I do IRL because it can be used as such a handy tool to marginalize and demonize anyone who fails to toe the official, socially acceptable party line that we are all equal. Clearly we are not. It is up to each of us to choose which side of that line we fall on and how we navigate the tumultuous rivers of blood that we were promised when we began our descent into collective madness. All ideology aside, each individual must decide for himself where the future will lead and what role we play as we move towards it.

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