Jade Helm and the Fifth Column Invasion of America

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show

Most are familiar with the concept Fifth Column insurgency in which a terrorist group lives among and blends in with its intended victims until the moment to strike is at hand and then they carry out their mission with a vengeance against the indigenous people. The Viet Cong is one of the best examples of these tactics in recent American history.

Fifth Column Insurgents Inside of the United States

Most countries who have Fifth Column forces within their country, are normally only dealing with a single force. The United States is dealing with multiple insurgent forces at the same time.

1. Yesterday, I reviewed Judicial Watch’s revelation regarding an ISIS base camp 8 miles from El Paso and that these ISIS members are making their way across our border with the help of the drug cartel coyotes.

2. For the past three years, I have documented the presence of foreign troops on our soil who are training for martial law.

3.  In the summer of 2014, I documented how the Border Patrol were ordered by DHS to ignore MS-13 members who were crossing the border. MS-13 is utilized by the Sinoloa Cartel as assassins who primarily target uncooperative public officials and journalists.

As if the presence of these three insurgent groups inside of the United States was not bad enough, we are witnessing the development of two more insurgent groups and the government and its intelligence operations are doing nothing to interdict these two major threats to national security.

4. We are now witnessing ISIS recruiters operating domestically as they are recruiting American college students.

5. The massive refugee resettlement programs, run by the UN, through the State Department threaten to undermine domestic tranquility in at least 190 cities. The State Department is a s”dirty” as dirty can be. Of course, what would one expect after several years of leadership under Hillary Clinton?

The quality of life in America is about to take a sharp turn downwards and here is why.

Another ISIS Threat to National Security

What would you say if I told you that an ISIS recruiter was recently operating out in the open in Seattle? Would you find that impossible to believe? Would you think that the FBI would have moved to immediately arrest the ISIS recruiter operating on American soil? Neither one  of these assumptions is accurate.

Sputnik News and another foreign news entity have discovered that the ISIS recruiter is a mid-20’s journalism student who goes to football games, eats cheeseburgers and in her spare time she recruits American college students to ISIS for the purpose of waging  a war on behalf of Muslim extremism.

Subsequently, the ISIS recruiter’s identity has been publicly blown and she has fled Seattle. However, it was not the FBI who discovered this 5th column recruiter operating within our midst. Amazingly, it was news reporters from the United Kingdom. Here is News Channel 4 original tweet on the subject.

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