Cloud seeding is working in Klang Valley, says Malaysia’s Met Dept

TDC Note – For all the nay-sayers regarding “chemtrails” here is what happens when technology is used for good. When technology is used for evil, there is a problem. That problem is chemtrails. If you want to live in a Kardashian fueled fantasy land that is your choice. We prefer to review the evidence, make a decision and act accordingly. It might be time for some others to turn off the TV and take a trip down the rabbit hole of reality. You can begin your chemtrail journey with this document, from the US military. from Straits Times Malaysia’s Klang Valley residents heaved a sigh of relief on Monday evening as the Meteorological Department confirmed that the rain which fell over several areas in Selangor was due in part to a successful cloud seeding operation. Its national weather centre director Muhammad Helmi Abdullah said the operation, carried out on Monday evening over Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca and Johor, could be deemed a success. “We had already foreseen that Selangor, and possibly Negri Sembilan, are good candidates for the operation. It may be a bit tougher in Johor because there is not as much cloud cover there,” he told The Star. It is as yet unknown whether the operation, which is still ongoing until around 7pm, will succeed in the other three states.

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