4 Years Later: Our Current Silver “SitRep”

from The Wealth Watchman

Keeping our Eyes on the Prize

I remember very well, where I was on this day, 4 years ago.  I was flying high throughout the entire month of April. I’d just started a new job, but on May 1st, 2011, like many of you, I was glued to the computer screen all day long, with a gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of my stomach.  Because, today, 4 years ago…..Blythe Masters and Jamie Dimon, along with various agents of the US government, began a carpet bombing of silver that lasted nearly a whole business week.  Instead of having a pathetic pity party today though, I’m going to do something veeeeeery different!

I’m going to give you a “Silver SitRep” in the struggle we’re in, from a bird’s eye view.  I want to draw attention to what you and I are up against, in order to acquire our silver.  What we face in getting our silver, is getting more difficult by the day.  By the way, I’m not talking about the banks making it more difficult, but other, very different factors.  You see, I’m convinced we’re closer than ever to the end of Bretton Woods II, and the Great Reset, and I say that because of silver.  Silver is my main barometer.

Remember, silver is the key to the entire con: if the price of silver gets too high, then the system ends.  Ah, but here is the key truth to remember to win this fight, a truth that our enemy desperately hopes you”ll forget on this 4th anniversary of their carpet bombing:

The opposite is also true! If the price of silver gets too low, the system meets the same end.

The banking powers know that they must keep the masses from wanting to buy silver, but they must also not keep silver so low that it threatens supply.  It’s a delicate tightrope walk….and they’re about to stumble.

What has changed in 4 years, is that the banks have now discovered just how badly the law of “diminishing marginal returns” applies to their suppression scheme.  At this point, taking silver lower, just doesn’t reduce demand any longer, it does quite the contrary!

After moving heaven and earth, they’ve still not managed to increase supply enough to make a real difference….yet, all the while, mankind’s demand for silver has increased a great deal more than supply.

The Supply War

“Bah, Watchman, everyone knows there’s plenty of silver out there!”

Interesting!  Mind if we test that thesis out?

First off, a caveat: these calculations will not include refining supply.  Silver refining is becoming so cost prohibitive, and has shrunken so much in the last 4 years, that the amount of silver it adds annually, really comes out to a rounding error on the bottom line now.

Let’s start with a picture, as a picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing speaks those words more powerfully than this picture beneath. My friends, this is a picture of all the silver mined in an entire year, and while 2 years old,  the amount of silver pictured is just over 800 million ounces: nearly exactly what earth mined last year.

Silver Availability

That cube is roughly 45 feet in each direction, and as you can see, is easily dwarfed by the normal buildings in Shanghai.  However, that dollar amount is wrong: the world’s mined silver doesn’t even equal $16 billion anymore!

Let’s do some napkin calculations:

25,500 tonnes in that picture * 32,150 ounces = 819,825,000 ounces

819,825,000 ounces * $16.12(the price of silver at 5:40 am EST, on May 1st, 2015) =

$13,215,579,000 for all the world’s silver!

So, to put this all in perspective:

In a world with over 1 quadrillion dollars of OTC derivatives(that China has already defaulted on)….

In a world where Forex transactions are tens of trillions a day….

In a world where the US Hegemon has unfunded liabilities of well over 100 trillion dollars

In a world where nearly half of Europe now has negative interest rates….

In a world where even China has now announced QE measures

In a world where every actual ounce of silver mined, is each sold hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of times, per year by computers

There is only $13 billion of available silver mined…….per year!  Not per day, brothers.  Per year!

But wait, it gets more ridiculous than that!

The Bidding War

You see, no one realizes it yet, but each of us is in a bidding war for that pathetically tiny cube. Earth’s population is now over 7.125 billion people, and if that silver was to be dispersed to everyone equally, a human’s share of the silver pie wouldn’t even equate to respectable crumbs.

Take a look:

819,000,000 ounces  /   7.125 billion people = .11494736842 ounces!

So, all things being “equal”, your silver “allowance” ….is 1/9th of an ounce!

Not per day, not per month!  Per…year!  

Which means if you were to hold out your hand, you’d receive an annual:

.11494736842 ounces   *    $16.12   =  $1.85 worth of silver per year!   Fantastic!

Now, since 1/9th of an ounce of silver doesn’t really equate to any visual representation, let’s be generous and say your take home allowance of annual silver was 1/7th of an ounce…..This is what you, and every other person would receive, annually:

Silver avail 3


Yes, 2 dimes.

But wait, it gets even more ludicrous than that!

You see, since there are over 10,000 industrial applications for this miraculous metal, a huge chunk of the largest companies on earth wouldn’t take too kindly to all the “rabble” out there “hogging” even as much as 2 dimes per year, per person.

Oh no, they wouldn’t stand for it.  For you see, they need the silver so much, that they’ve already placed a bid for 2/3 of that sad, little block of silver in downtown Shanghai, each year!

So, sadly friend, you won’t be receiving 2 dimes….you’ll receive almost exactly one of these:

A measly half a dime!  And, according to the ever-handy coinflation, one of these puppies currently equates to a gobsmacking:

58.56 cents of silver for you! Per year!

“Well, Watchman, thankfully folks in the West are idiots!  I mean, less than 1/10th of 1% of the West is even actively stacking silver, so all I have to do is bid against a bunch of clueless people who won’t do anything, right?”


India is Silver’s Future

You see, roughly 1 billion Indians believe that silver and gold are precious for religious reasons, and will go on believing so.  They don’t just know silver is wealth.  They don’t just know that silver is full-on, stupid, ‘smack-your-mama’ cheap…

They believe that silver is sacred!

Let that sink in for a moment….

They believe that both it and gold are so precious to life, to security, and to worship, that they’re increasingly unwilling to let you and I have our already paltry share of it.

Last year alone, they acquired nearly 7,000 tonnes of it!  To fully impress upon you what that means, let’s remember here that the silver block available to stackers in the Shanghai picture isn’t 45 ft cubed, but 1/3 of that(as industry takes the rest).

Let’s be generous again, and say that stackers are left with roughly 275 million ounces of silver per year.

Well, that 7,000 tonnes India stacked was over 200 million of those ounces!  

Which means that last year, 1/7th of humanity managed to remove 3/4 of the tiny, annual slice of silver pie that you could lay claim to!

It also means that the other 6 billion people on earth will not be getting their pathetic annual allowance of 58 cents per year….but a mind-blowing…

75,000,000 ounces per year    6,000,000,000 people  =   .0125 ounces!

1/80th of an ounce!

.0125 ounces   /     $16.12  =   .2015 cents!

My warriors, again, all things being evenly dispersed, you have an annual silver allowance…

Of 20 cents!

Will that suffice for you?   It won’t?

Tough, friend!  Because your annual silver allowance is about to shrink again!

The Biggest Rigger is Now the Biggest Stacker

I just recently wrote how JP Morgan, the party responsible for this infamous silver anniversary today, is also now the largest commercial stacker on planet earth.  They’re taking delivery of many millions of ounces in the Comex, as well as the SLV, and perhaps even a little on the side through various mints.

The folks behind this crime syndicate KNOW just how full of crapp the line of: “There’s plenty of silver out there” truly is!  Their actions are telegraphing this, and if you won’t believe me, then for heaven’s sake, believe them!

They know there’s a bidding war, and they don’t aim to lose it. They also don’t aim to leave any for you peons once this thing blows sky high(because of them)!

There is not “plenty of silver”….and there won’t be until silver reaches valuations that no one, including each of us, would even countenance today.  

4 years have now passed since that crime, and JP Morgan has achieved a near 1,500 day cap in silver’s price, all while having prepared their own stack for the inevitable conclusion of this historic, global charade.  After all, no one knows better than they do, about what is coming, because they are the cause of what is coming.

Getting your blood boiling yet?  It should!


I greatly sympathized with the Occupy Wall Street crowd several  years ago.  Although I didn’t agree with all their beliefs, many were seeking truth, and getting very, very close to the root cause of all of the world’s current financial woes.  Thousands of them were willing to even be arrested for their convictions, God bless em’.

If only they’d known that it was silver they should’ve been occupying all along, then this entire struggle would’ve already been over with, with zero casualties, and zero arrests!

Those protesters though did recognize that the system is rigged, and they understood another hard truth:

Life is a battle.  You have to assert your interests, your family’s interests, your church’s interests, your people’s interest.  You can’t ask for anyone’s for permission to do so.  You don’t wait for an invitation.

No one else will do it for you.  YOU have to do it, and there’s no better day than today to either start, or rededicate yourself to that great and glorious battlefield.

Silver is not an investment.  Silver is not “insurance”.  Silver is not even merely money.

Silver is a war.

A war that you and I can’t help but win.  The struggle is ours, and 4 years later, we are yet undefeated.

To celebrate this anniversary, I’m going to go out, and buy 20 more ounces of silver today(when 4 years ago, that same cash would’ve only bought 7), because I know there is a brighter future coming, and make no mistake:

My family will have a stake in it.  

The intense silver bidding war is getting worse, and I don’t intend on letting JP Morgan or India have it all.  I will fight for my sons, my wife, my unborn daughter, and my people this day.  I will #OccupySilver, and no amount of Comex crockery will stop me.  Go ahead, knock the price again…you’re just making our job of occupying silver that much more cost effective, boys!

So to all the financial “masters of the universe”, who were responsible for that drive-by shooting in silver 4 years ago:

Happy anniversary, you thieving, wicked, denizens of debauchery!  Thanks for the free silver!

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