When A ZeroHedge “Tyler Durden” Is Ignorant About History And Pens Cynical Babbling: “Texas Governor Calls Up State Guard To Counter Jade Helm ‘Federal Invasion’ Fears”

by Eric Dubin, The News Doctors This particular ZeroHedge “Tyler Durden” (there are more than one writers at ZeroHedge under that nom de plume) mocks conspiracy researchers that have amply documented that the Jade Helm exercise fits within a historical context of ongoing drills and contingency planning for continuity of government and the suppression of domestic dissent. There’s no conspiracy theory on that score. It’s documented public record. Clearly, this particular Tyler Durden is ignorant of documented history on this subject. It’s one thing to spotlight theories about WalMart as perhaps off target, and quite another to dismiss the true nature of Jade Helm and the historical context, going back to the 1960s development of operation “Garden Plot.” In any event, because TND believes in presenting contrasting viewpoints, here’s a “Tyler Durden” missive from this morning. — Eric Dubin, Managing Editor, The News Doctors # # # # The story of Jade Helm — the name for the upcoming military exercises in Texas, California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada — has taken a decisive turn for the absurd as Texas Governor Greg Abbott has now called on the Texas Guard to (literally) monitor military drills conducted by US special forces after local residents suggested the exercises could be the precursor to a federal invasion of Texas. Only in America. Full story, click here.

Jade Helm Presentation

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