by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show Members of ISIS are streaming across our Southern border into the United States. Judicial Watch, WND and now my best sources at the Border Patrol are confirming this fact. Since July of 2014, I have been in semi-regular contact with two Border Patrol agents when wanted me to report on the true happenings on the border and how both the public and the agents are being endangered by DHS and their ever-changing policies related to the lack of protecting America’s southern border. This article speaks to the fact that two confidential Border Patrol informants have shifted their concerns from the illegal border crossings by Central American immigrants carrying deadly diseases, to ISIS members planning to carry out their terrorist agenda with massive deadly intent.

Border Patrol Agents Covertly Speak Out

On July of 2014, I was traveling to San Diego for vacation and had a chance encounter with a Border Patrol officer in a convenience store in Yuma, AZ.

The agent was very open and admitted that his fellow officers were angry beyond words at the Obama administration for allowing the unbridled immigration of groups like MS-13, the assassins for the Sinoloa drug cartel, into the country. He told me that his co-workers were being exposed to illegal immigrant-carrying diseases without protection and that the Border Patrol morale was at an all-time low.

I subsequently gave the officer my business card, promised not to use his name. In our first short five minute telephone conversation, 10 days later, he told me that Border Patrol officials were contracting drug resistant TB, Scabies and bacteriological pneumonia and that his fellow officers were even laundering their work clothes at their work site so that the danger to their families would be minimized. Nearly 10 days later after my initial report on this matter, members from many of the Independent Media outlets were receiving similar information from other confidential sources.

In October of 2014, this agent and his partner informed me that DHS was confiscating their rifles, thus, leaving them nearly defenseless in the face of well-armed Mexican drug cartel incursions. And it is not just the drug cartels that the Border Patrol fears, they have caught members of ISIS at the border as early as last fall. And this is coming at a time when members of the Border Patrol are simultaneously being systematically disarmed by DHS in the face of this latest threat. Almost one month later, in November of 2014, News Channel 4 Tucson Investigators confirmed what my Border Patrol sources had been telling me in October when the investigators uncovered the fact that some U.S. Border Patrol agents are indeed being disarmed by DHS. The result of this action by DHS is to leave all Americans more vulnerable than they were before. WHY IS THE BORDER PATROL BEING DISARMED?

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