Marshall Swing: BUY NOW!!

by Marshall Swing, Silver Doctors

Silver stackers,


Last Friday, I submitted my analysis of the COT numbers to The Doc.


The words written were:


“Imagine how governments feel who bought gold and silver at far higher prices just a few years ago?

So, what are this past week’s COT numbers most telling stat?

Look at those silver Large Speculators and all those shorts 9,651 they picked up!  Then notice the number for gold and see how they are PALE in comparison to those silver Speculators.  Quite a contrast, eh?  It seems the gold Large Speculators have been easing their tastes for more shorts as their silver brothers.  Perhaps they anticipate a rebound and stopped to ponder the back of their “hand” or the “blue” sky?  A light correction for the silver Speculators would not surprise me one bit as their appetite for shorts has thundered unabated and the gold and silver Commercials need to get those gold Speculators in a short frame of mind.  The gold Swap Dealers were the real short buyers at 7,031 and may use that horde to crash gold price to new lows.

These two stats are very incongruent.  My guess is they pop the silver Large Specs out of their shorts then force price down with a gold short covering raid.

The paper “man”tality:  “What a clunky relic these metals are…”

The reality:  These hard assets will be used to build the basis foundation of the coming one world currency, after the global economic crash in September and the ensuing world wide chaos it causes when currencies fail, trade fails, and people do not have food.



On Monday or Tuesday I sent this email to Doc reminding him of my prediction and fulfillment and he posted it:


Then yesterday, I send this email to Doc pointing out what my analysis says is a “position reversal” (by the Commercials):


And this morning, I get up and finally check the charts and see this:


And this:




I don’t even have to draw lines on these last 2 charts to make my point…

The COT numbers, if analyzed correctly, provide accurate information as to where price is headed.

The Commercial banks do not care enough to manipulate the numbers in them because they are sure they are the only ones with the mathematical analysis capability to pull this off and no one can figure it out.

No one.

Stay thirsty for physical metal, my friends, and…




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