Marines to suppress domestic disorders in the US. plus US army exercise on preventing civil unrest spread to Tennessee

from The American society is to face more civil unrest in the near future. It is evidenced with the released video, where the US Marines are training to suppress demonstrators. Armed troops offence protesters with pepper spray, batons and rifles. The lethal weapons, that the marines operate with raise public concerns. The training is conducted at the Naval Weapons Station in Yorktown, Virginia. The Marines, “Conducted an operational readiness exercise, which evaluates the team’s ability to perform riot control,”according to the video. “The ORE determines if the marines are ready to take their final step in pre-deployment training. After completing and meeting the requirements of the ORE evaluation the Marines will go to Quantico, Virginia for their final phase of pre-deployment training.” The video released to the public eye hints at the U.S. Army and the federal government intended purpose. As Jade Helm is to take place in July, the troops will operate undercover amongst local population. A great number of martial law-style drills reportedly turned up. 2012 US Army Military Police training manual, namely “Civil Disturbance Operations” evidences the US Army gearing up for domestic disorder. Under the manual soldiers will have to confiscate firearms and kill American “dissidents” on U.S. soil. Also read: Why American police incite riots **********———————-***************** US army exercise on preventing civil unrest spread to Tennessee from New videos have been released over the “riot control teams” for the last few weeks. National Guard along with police and US military forces undertake training exercises across the United States. Training is based under riot control and martial-law scenarios. According to the officials, the 134th Air Refueling Wing of the Tennessee Air National Guard and the Knoxville Police Department trainings take place once in a month. The troops take turns of being rioters, who throw objects and powder at each other. “We use this training because we know that if we have to use it in the outside world or within a base then we’re ready,” National Guard official said. The troops are to deal with civil unrest and domestic disorder. The police officers are training the Guard troops, “in case they ever come in contact with a riot control situation,” according to the official. People are concerned with the trainings given the approach to Jade Helm 15, under which the troops will be operating undercover amongst local population. New videos captured military and law enforcement practicing in Richmond and Ontario, California and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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