Illegally Detained at an Internal Border Checkpoint

from Truth Stream Media After visiting Big Bend National Park (INSIDE the United States), we were forced to stop at an internal border patrol checkpoint some 50+ miles north of the border. Multiple times we were told we were being detained until we answered whether or not we were U.S. citizens. Please note, there is NO Supreme Court case that says you HAVE to answer whether or not you are a U.S. citizen at one of these “constitutional” (derisive air quotes) internal border checkpoints. You are not legally required to do so, PERIOD. You can sit there all night and refuse until they let you go on your way. It has been found that failure to answer does NOT trigger probable cause. If it wasn’t our honeymoon, we probably would’ve sat there all night, too… We have learned a lot from this experience and hopefully there’s value in sharing the vid. Plus there’s always next time; we will be ready for round two. Watch Pastor Steve Anderson’s entire detainment at border patrol here:

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