Bo Polny – Is a Hong Kong Stock CRASH the Trigger Gold and Silver Need?

by Bo Polny, Silver Doctors

May is about to bring great change to our world.
On Friday April 29, 2011 (4-years ago) we sold all our Silver at $49, the next trading day Monday May 2, 2011 and for the next 5 days Silver crashed $15 into a $34 low or a 30% CRASH!
Today is Wednesday April 29, 2015 (4-years later) and the Hong Kong HSI Index closed today at 28,400.34.  Is history about to REPEAT?  Starting April 30, 2015 – May 1, 2015 is the Hong Kong HSI Index about to complete the shaded area in the lower chart with a 15% CRASH?
Looking at the 2-charts below, we have identical wave patterns, identical day counts, nearly identical RSI indicators and nearly identical Bollinger Bands!  Cycle analysis indicates one thing clearly… being LONG the Hong Kong stock market is extremely dangerous starting tomorrow April 30, 2015 into early May 2015!

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It does appear May is about to bring great change to our world.  For those who have no time for cycle analysis or find it useless, the next few days might hopefully change your mind.  During the near term expect volatility in the stock markets while both Gold and Silver cycles remain UP into a very SPECIFIC TIME POINT arriving BEFORE summer, included in our Gold INDEX at


If you have not taken the time, you might take 10-minutes and have a listen to the below interview from Friday 4/24/2015, LINK:


Cycle analysis indicates being LONG the stock markets here is now is very dangerous


Do not forget our post from April 4, 2015 (LINK click here), stating…  The IDES of March has come and gone and leaves its mark for the world with a:


  1. Final US dollar Top at 100.71
  2. Final Gold bottom and Low at $1141.60

To date, both statements are 100% accurate and holding perfectly.

Review the slide below titled ‘Expected Coincidences for 2015’ from the March 24,2015 Hong Kong Mines & Money presentation; we stand by our forecast and summer is not far off!



Cycle analysis allowed us to successfully called the Silver $49 top, the $1900 Gold top, the June 28, 2013 Gold Bottom, the November 6, 2014 $1130 bottom and most recently the March 16, 2015 $1145 bottom while speaking in Singapore.

All the best,

Bo Polny

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