by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante Baltimore is burning in the wake of Freddie Gray’s funeral who died after sustaining a spinal injury while, if you want to believe a certain mainstream media narrative, banging himself against the paddy wagon walls. If you find it totally believable that someone can break their own spinal chord on purpose, you’re probably white. 

However, this isn't about Freddie Gray.  Ferguson wasn't about Michael Brown.  What is really happening is that people are beginning to awaken to their own slavery and the mainstream media matrix is having a harder time than ever of trying to hide that truth.

Some Americans, still asleep to reality, are surprised that Baltimore is rioting and discontent has boiled over, despite that this is practically a quarterly occurrence in 2015 Amerika. American streets are burning. Baltimore is burning. But the cognitive dissonance is palpable. Police are beating people. Police are kidnapping people "in the most peaceful way possible", in "The Land Of The Free", as can be seen in this video:

As an aside, Is anyone going to ticket that militarized humvee for having a broken front right headlight?  Not holding my breath on that one.

As things get worse and as people begin to wake up to their own enslavement we are seeing very bizarre things that are interesting to see just for the weirdness of it.

The city of Baltimore wanted to keep its citizens safe from such occurences as kidnapping by cop (that was the most likely fate, other than car accident, to beset them, after all), so they decided to ban people from attending a baseball game, which is slightly more exhilarating than golf for most people. As you can see in this video, the government managed to make baseball more boring than it already is for many:

Sports are a key part of the bread and circuses to distract people from their daily loss of life, liberty and property and so it is interesting to see how they continue to play the games even as things get so bad all around it that it isn't safe to even go to the game anymore. Orioles fans still showed up and even shouted "O!" during the National Anthem.

The Baltimore Orioles Executive Vice President John Angelos, son of majority owner Peter Angelos, has spoken up about his view on the situation in Baltimore and the US:

“Brett, speaking only for myself, I agree with your point that the principle of peaceful, non-violent protest and the observance of the rule of law is of utmost importance in any society. MLK, Gandhi, Mandela, and all great opposition leaders throughout history have always preached this precept. Further, it is critical that in any democracy investigation must be completed and due process must be honored before any government or police members are judged responsible.

That said, my greater source of personal concern, outrage and sympathy beyond this particular case is focused neither upon one night’s property damage nor upon the acts, but is focused rather upon the past four-decade period during which an American political elite have shipped middle class and working class jobs away from Baltimore and cities and towns around the U.S. to third-world dictatorships like China and others, plunged tens of millions of good hard-working Americans into economic devastation, and then followed that action around the nation by diminishing every American’s civil rights protections in order to control an unfairly impoverished population living under an ever-declining standard of living and suffering at the butt end of an ever-more militarized and aggressive surveillance state.

The innocent working families of all backgrounds whose lives and dreams have been cut short by excessive violence, surveillance, and other abuses of the Bill of Rights by government pay the true price, an ultimate price, and one that far exceeds the importance of any kids’ game played tonight, or ever, at Camden Yards. We need to keep in mind people are suffering and dying around the U.S., and while we are thankful no one was injured at Camden Yards, there is a far bigger picture for poor Americans in Baltimore and everywhere who don’t have jobs and are losing economic civil and legal rights, and this makes inconvenience at a ball game irrelevant in light of the needless suffering government is inflicting upon ordinary Americans.”

I am sure he is not a big fan of MLB’s partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, which resulted in the introduction of metal detectors at all of America’s favorite pastimes games starting this season, like the NFL had already done.

America’s “representatives” and “civil servants” have sold the country down the river as government policing has alienated poor people, if they are lucky to still be alive. Government is so bad it even led to the Bloods and the Crips uniting to keep the peace.  Yes, you read that right, the only organized group that was actually out in the streets protecting life and property were the street gangs that government always tells us is there to protect us from.  

As well, government likes to say that we need government precisely for times like this in Baltimore.  Where people have been so impoverished by the government and central banks, have been so brutally assaulted by government police extortionists and pushed so close to the edge that people take to the streets to peacefully show their displeasure and then get assaulted more by cops and what can only be described as the military in MRAP tanks.  The government and the media like to say that riots like this, that they caused, are why we need them.

But just like in Ferguson, the cops aren't there to protect life and property… they are there to protect the control system. 

Gray’s rap sheet was almost all non-violent crimes and therefore not crimes at all… The War on Drugs turned him into a criminal as it has falsely done to too many, then the state murdered him. The US government is just as bad as the Indonesian government, which has gotten much criticism for murdering drug smugglers this week. At least those individuals got a show trial. In the US summary execution is the preferred method.  But ABC won't tell you the truth: 

Neither will CNN.  And people are starting to wake up to that as this Baltimore protester told this CNN reporter, live on air, "F*ck You! F*ck That! F*ck CNN!".

Over on Fox, the same thing was happening as another awakening soul is realizing the controlled mainstream media is part of the problem, not the solution.

Great, real reporters like Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change (and speaker at Anarchapulco) are actually out asking the real questions to the mainstream media frontmen directly and making Anderson Cooper have to hide in his car with his eight bodyguards for fear of being exposed.

This is all happening right now!  Right in front of our eyes the mainstream media propaganda arm of the US government and CIA is having the mask torn off its face daily and all people like Anderson Cooper and Geraldo Rivera can do are fake-smile and hide as they realize people are catching on to what they are doing.

As more people awaken and the system tries to retain its power by any means necessary things are going to get more bizarre, like empty baseball games, and even more dangerous.  I'm expecting this to be a very hot summer in the US leading up to what I am predicting to be a near complete collapse scenario by October.

I am informing TDV subscribers, in the May Issue of TDV coming out tomorrow (subscribe here), on all my reasoning for why I think it is all going to play out in a big way this year.  Even if I am wrong on the dates, however, I will make this guarantee.  Things are going to get much, much worse in the US from here on out and if you aren't prepared for a complete US dollar, financial system and economic collapse in the US yet you are really taking a large risk with your life and property not to prepare now.

There's a saying, "better a year early than a day late" but we aren't even really talking about years anymore.  We are now talking about months.

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